Link Love: NYC Hidden Gems, Anthro Corner & Fun Tunes

 Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co.

Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co.

NYC Locale

In which case this week, I dish on a few hidden gems of Manhattan that you may wish to peruse a bit more.

For the most deeply satisfying and customized facial, I highly suggest booking an appointment pronto with Andrea DeSimone. She works with all-natural, organic products and relies on her hands, rather than machines, to nurture, detoxify, and revitalize your skin. Her speciality is in lymphatic drainage. Let me explain. You know that puffy feeling that you feel in your face sometimes? Well, she uses her hands to help move around and drain these fluids to help de-puff and refresh. You will also leave with a beautiful glow that lasts for days, sometimes weeks. I've seen her a few times now and I can truly say that the visits are worth it. (Pssst - she's also a critic's pick by NY Mag.)

Renovating a room or small space in your apartment or just looking for that one clever item to pull it all together? Head down to Tribeca and drop in Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co. There's everything from furniture to bedding and bath, kitchen utensils, office supplies, lighting and even a jewelry line. Take a peek at the beautiful interior and if anything, at least swing by for some stunning inspiration and eye candy.

And while you're in the hood, grab a bite at Nourish Kitchen + Table, which offers a delicious menu full of seasonally influenced and innovative dishes. Nutritionist Marissa Lippert created this cozy cafe to cater to those mindful of feel-good healthy eating and looking for dishes that are vibrant, fresh and delicious. Highlights from their menu include the peanut butter-banana toast with toasted coconut and maple syrup, avocado toast with cilantro and alepo peppers on whole wheat walnut bread, emerald quinoa and detox kale and Balinese salads. Meat eaters, there's plenty for you as well (like their Chimichurri Steak Sandwich and Signature Roast Chicken. 

Anthro Corner: Products To Love

These You Cook, I'll Clean Dish Towels are a cute addition to your kitchen and a helpful reminder to your house mate or loved one that it takes two to tango, in this case, dinner duties. 

Double Latte, Apple Ginger Pie, Biscuits & Berries, Milk & Cookies. Sounds good to you, too? These Tea & Sympathy candles are hand poured and have a 30 hour burn time so that you can soak up those delicious scents for as long as possible.

I love these Glass Dairy Bottles not only for their minimalistic look, but for the cute sentiments that are scripted all over them, like "smidgen" and "hulabaloo". They're rubber-capped and can used them for everything from bath oils to cold brew coffee and even those non-dairy alternatives like almond milk.

For any small gathering, celebration, or just because, these Bow Tie Paper Napkins are sure to complement a nice sweet treat. I personally am not a fan of bow ties, but I'll take them on my napkins!

 Soundtrack album art from "Wish I Was Here"

Soundtrack album art from "Wish I Was Here"

Give It A Listen

Looking for some new tunes to add to your playlist? See if any of these do the trick.

Heavenly Father, Bon Iver. You thought you loved and had heard it all (Holocene, Skinny Love, Perth, etc), however his latest is quite lovely. More about it on NPR.

Oh Sailor, Mr Little Jeans. This is my favorite morning walk-to-the-subway tune. 

Menswear, The 1975. Currently on repeat. Has that catchy and easy breezy feel to it. 

We Belong, RAC. Excited to see these guys at Lollapalooza next weekend. A nice, fun one. 

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