Link Love: Savory Pairings, Summer Food Trucks & "The Saline Solution"

 Photo courtesy of Kinfolk

Photo courtesy of Kinfolk

NYC Locale: Savory Pairings

I sure do love my sweets, but there's nothing more satisfying than finding delicious savory pairings in this city.

Le Pain Quotidien really nails it with their seasonal tartines. A recent favorite is their Hummus & Shaved Vegetable Tartine (freshly shaved fennel, golden beets, carrots and walnuts - with a spicy kick - served on their organic whole wheat bread) alongside the Quinoa Taboule Salad (chickpeas, avocado, arugula and basil vinaigrette).

Peacefood Cafe is one of the only establishments in this city that offers Chickpea Fries that contain mouthwatering Indian spices that are perfect for dunking into their special homemade dipping sauce. Try it with their Baked Tempeh & Avocado Sandwich for a creative & healthier twist on the typical burger & fries.

And speaking of burger & fries...Grey Dog makes a killer homemade Veggie Burger with roasted tomato, red onion, pesto and pea shoots. Try it on an English Muffin, add avocado and order a generous side of their Sweet Potato Fries

NYC Locale: Mapping Veg-Friendly Food Trucks 

'Tis the season when all the food trucks find their spot on the map amidst the sweltering city heat. For that quick dose of Vitamin D during your lunch break, have your pick at some of NYC's vegan and vegetarian-friendly food trucks.

In the mood for falafel & hummus? Keep an eye out for Taim Mobile, the West Village based falafel shop with three amazing varities: Green (parsley, cilantro, and mint), Harissa (mixed with Tunisian spices), and Red (mixed with roasted red peppers). 

Almond Milk French Toast? Chipotle Seitan Burrito? Thai BBQ Tempeh? Cinnamon Snail has it all, and then some. 

If you're looking for something along the lines of a fresh squeezed juice or a delicious and filling PB&J Shake, The Squeeze Juice Truck has you covered. They also have vegan mac 'n cheese, kale chips and almond buttercups. 

Check out the entire vegetarian-friendly food truck lineup here.

The Summer Saline Solution

I absolutely adore this beautiful short essay featured in the most recent issue of Kinfolk. A quick snippet: "We have more in common with seawater than we might imagine, so it's no wonder some of us feel more at home in the water than we do on land."   Beach vacation, you are so close...

Olivine's Love + Salt Mist adds texture to hair with simple, key ingredients like purified water, French sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink sea salt and coconut oil. That said, it's also excellent for hydrating skin and why I recently deemed it as a natural beauty product for saving your skin (& your health). Toss it in your bag for beachy, textured waves and hydrated skin when you feel like going au naturale this summer. 

A recent stroll through Whole Foods landed me in front of a tall shelf full of Pipsnacks Popcorn, which come in amazing flavors including sea salt, kettle, rosemary and white truffle. It's made with non-GMO popcorn and less than 5 ingredients - things like sea salt and olive oil. I indulged in their white truffle variety last night and could not stop. Intended to bring it along with me for an outdoor movie, but I just couldn't help myself. 

No summer "saline solution" would be complete without a nice hammock for easy breezy lounging by the sea. This Canyon Fringe Hammock will do the trick. Ready, Set, Relax. 

Etsy Corner

It's been awhile since I've paid a good visit to various Etsy shops where I always seem to come across neat little finds, like this Cloudy Paper Airplane Porcelain Mug. Whether it's iced coffee, a glass of almond milk, or ice cream that I'm in the mood for, I always enjoy it more when it's in a decorative mug.

Looking for something to squeeze your sunscreen, reading materials, beach towel and snacks in? This simple grey & yellow canvas tote will do all of that and more. 

What about a simple yoga mat bag so that you can take your practice outdoors, or better yet, to the beach? Keep your hands free so that you can still bring along any of your other necessities.

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