Link Love: Kombucha Margaritas, Rooftop Yoga & More Hugs

 Photo courtesy of SERENE

Photo courtesy of SERENE

NYC Locale

Every Thursday throughout the summer, Serene Social is hosting rooftop yoga from 8-9am at The James Hotel. Serene is wellness and lifestyle community with the concept of women empowering women through holistic wellness and fitness practices, workshops, gatherings, retreats and networking opportunities. Want to join? Let me know and let's go together.

There's a new natural beauty store, Bottega Organica in the West Village that believes in the power of what plants can do for your face. Their philosophy is simple: "100 percent natural ingredients blended according to scientifically sound principles with the objective of maintaining skin’s youth for as long as possible." All ingredients are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and are blended with pure Ligurian olive oil, rich in skin-loving antioxidants and nutrients. Other ingredients include Autumn sage (oo la la), rosemary, apricot, wheat germ, lemon, ginger, lavender, rose, cucumber, and so forth. 

Next Thursday, May 15, Well + Good is teaming up with Circuit of Change, a mind-body workout that melds yoga and martial arts...all while a live DJ and drummers bang it out in the background. Also, at the end of each class in this "workout wonder series," you'll get Mio'd. Think mini spa treatments, Juice Press refreshments and beauty swag. 

 Photo courtesy of Our Four Forks

Photo courtesy of Our Four Forks

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Don't you love it when someone takes one of your favorite beverages and combines it into an even better beverage? Well I do, and the genius behind Our Four Forks has created a kombucha margarita - the perfect summer cocktail. Also, the gin & coconut water cocktail at ABC Cocina... 

Yes, avocados do make everything better. Hold on to them as long as you can via these five hacks that will change the way you handle and store them. 

More hugs, please. Hugging has not typically been a "thing" in China, however that seems to be changing. Concerned that children in China lacked emotional intelligence, teachers assigned them to hug their parents as their homework. So, go hug someone. It's likely that someone in China is, too. 

Giving Back

Jewelry for a cause. Currently loving the story behind Robbie Simon Jewelry (left) as well as The Brave Collection (right). Pieces of my friend Erica Simon's jewelry line were created in partnership with SOIL, a non-profit dedicated to combating poverty, poor public health, agricultural limitations and environmental destruction. I am loving her Tara CollectionThe Brave Collection pieces are handmade in Cambodia by artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds or suffer from disabilities. With each purchase, a donation is made to fight human trafficking. 

This Mother’s Day, you can partner with the IRC [International Rescue Committee] by giving a gift that gives back - potentially even saving a life. Gift options include a safe delivery ($24) which ensures critical supplies and assistance to help make childbirth safer, maternal health care ($52) to provide a mother-to-be in places like Kenya with the advice, medical assistance and other support she needs to keep herself and her baby healthy. In a country like Afghanistan, $56 can send a young girl to school for a year. As a daughter with an amazing mother who believes in giving to others, touch more than one life this Mother's Day by taking up this worthy advice.