Link Love: Summer Pops, Kitchen Tips, and Making It Like They Do

 Photo courtesy of @butchersdaughternyc

Photo courtesy of @butchersdaughternyc

NYC Locale 

Butcher's Daughter is now serving summer popsicles in some very delicious flavors. Thai Breeze, Cantaloupe Cooler, Green Lemonade, PBJ, Pina Colada, Pimms Cup, Red Sangria, Classic Margarita...yeah, I'll polish off my kale salad & avocado toast with one of those, please. My recent ode to this establishment should give you a nice peek of what else you can expect. 

We're finally getting our OWN Wanderlust! On September 13, the first "mindful triathlon" is coming to Prospect Park and will consist of a 5K run, meditation and lecture session and one giant 90 minute yoga class. Music, Acroyoga, healthy food vendors and a wellness-focused marketplace will also be present. Register here to claim your spot. 

Make It Like They Do

If you live here, you know about Momofuku Milk Bar. They're the ones behind crack pie, cereal milk, and birthday cake truffles. People go nuts for this place. Well, I've recently discovered that they now make these Perfect 10 cookies using almond flour, oats, olive oil and agave...vegan friendly for those of us with a dairy intolerance. If a trip up north isn't in your plans, make them for yourself and carry some bragging rights with you. 

Lady M is a cake and confectionary that I stumble upon quite often during my walks to Central Park. I just stop and stare through the window and admire their crepe cakes that almost look too good to eat. Craving Nutella crepes has also become a recent thing and my jaw literally dropped to the ground when I came across this vegan crepe cake made with homemade nutella and whipped coconut cream. If you can master this one, then huge kudos to you. Give Lady M a run for her money. YUM.

And finally, cinnamon buns. Yes, those gooey, warm, delicious things the size of your hand that I would flock to the mall to eat back in the day. They're still one of my boyfriend's favorites for Thanksgiving - and I don't blame him. Knowing that they're a brunch staple on the menu at Hundred Acres is enough to secure a brunch reservation when he comes into town. Anyhow, make these for yourself by using whole wheat flour, sucanat, almond milk, and coconut oil for one palate pleasing bun. 

Tiny Kitchen Tips

You know sometimes when you're craving a huge scoop of almond butter and when you go in for a big spoonful there's a big layer of natural oil on top? Well, apparently if you just store the jars upside down, then it prevents the oil separation that occurs in natural nut butters. No wonder why I saw this new brand (delicious, by the way) that sells them already upside down on the store shelves. Genius. 

Raisins, dried cranberries, dried them in my warm bowl of oatmeal. With the warmer weather finally here and the likelihood that you have dried fruit lurking around in your pantry, there are plenty of ways to use them in warm weather recipes, when oatmeal is not as trail mixes, fruit compote, and as a puree in summer cocktails. 

Speaking of warmer weather, smoothies are becoming a staple during morning routines. Save yourself time in the morning and plan ahead by preparing and freezing individual smoothie ingredients in ziploc bags. It's not as nice as pulling out a ready-made smoothie, but it makes the process much easier. 

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