Link Love: Sunscreen, Braids & Heavy on the Guacamole (aka Memorial Day or Bust)

 Photo courtesy of Well + Good NYC; The Surf Lodge

Photo courtesy of Well + Good NYC; The Surf Lodge

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Chefs are bringing life back to the meaning of farm-to-table. Three new downtown restaurants are bringing New York a fresh take on this trend that I didn't even know had become lifeless. Montauk Pearl Oysters served with toasted curry and sudachi, anyone? How about a ramp or rhubarb martini? We'll see, we'll see.

Beginning this weekend, essentially everyone in New York begins their weekend escapes to the Hamptons. So, sweat, eat, and shop among your quality beach time. New hot spots out "there" include everything from pilates to bra bars and even a new Juice Press so that you can sip that Cactus Cooler as you soak up the summer sun.  Denise Mari, the founder of Organic Avenue will be opening Mari Manor in early June, a "Bed & Cleanse" if you will, as a mini wellness escape filled with juice cleanses, massages and private yoga sessions. So FANCY, huh?

Memorial Day or Bust

Did you see these Faces of Beauty earlier this week? Apparently, we're getting wiser about our increased use of sunscreen as we get older. So this weekend, given that your plans will hopefully include a heavy dose of the outdoors, here are nine natural sunscreens to keep you protected. Your newest beauty weapon of choice. Also, a floppy hat

Trying to tone that tush before you hop into your bathing suit? Thanks, Refinery 29, for bringing us these 6 easy moves to get that tight & toned rear. Meow.

And of course, your weekend spread. Stay cool or kick it up a notch with a few of these festive bites:

Cucumber Noodles with Peanut Sauce (top left)

Sweet Potato Fries. Either with a Cilantro & Hemp Seed Aioli (top middle) or with Garlic, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Oh you know I had to bring some Simon & Garfunkel into this. We're just missing the parsley, but you can just throw that right in there, too.

Cantaloupe Mint Paletas (top right)

Kombucha Margaritas

Strawberry Chia Pudding

I'll be going back down south and enjoying some BBQ tempeh and a generous portion of homemade guacamole.

Just Do It Yourself

An evening al fresco under the warm light from lanterns that you semi crafted yourself…how illuminating! Use some washi tape and throw in a soft yet uplifting scented candle or some beautiful fresh flowers and you've got yourself an object of beauty.

For my head of hair, the top knot is the only way that I can get my long and hefty locks to completely stay out of my way - everything from yoga, washing my face, running weekend errands, sleeping….but I think it's time we all start to get just a wee bit more creative. Teach yourself something new and learn how to own the braided lookAnd you better believe I'll find a way to rock the Blake Lively braid that she just debuted at Cannes. 

Make yourself some cake. And eat it, too (of course). If you're local, Haven's Kitchen is hosting Emily from Lael Cakes for a festive vegan cake making & decorating class on June 28. Otherwise, find yourself some of this coconut milk based cookie dough ice cream (Whole Foods definitely carries it, and I promise you, it's amazing) and sandwich it between some delicious chewy chocolate chip cookie bars.


And one more thing, before you go...

 Photo courtesy of Sophie Gamand, Wet Dog Series

Photo courtesy of Sophie Gamand, Wet Dog Series

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