Link Love: More Love Letters, Nutritional Duos, and Don't Forget Your Momma

  Photo courtesy of NYRR (ow ow)

Photo courtesy of NYRR (ow ow)

NYC Locale

Varlhona Chocolate. Have you heard of it? It seems like it's making creative appearances in all sorts of things these days. I downed a Varlhona Chocolate & Raw Almond Milk in about four gulps recently. "Studies show that drinking chocolate milk post-workout replenishes exhausted muscles and aids recovery." Quite honestly, I don't care because this thing is purely delicious and full of nourishing ingredients including alkalized water, raw almond, golden raisin, organic wildflower, honey, pea protein, cinnamon stick, sea salt, and cocoa. Sip wisely.

What the world needs more LOVE, sweet love. "Pure, old-fashioned, never goes out of style love. Ridiculous, oozing, cannot pack this thing into 140-characters kind of love."  More Love Letters is on a mission to bring pen back to paper and pour your heart out, leaving something tangible behind for someone else to stumble upon. So be a little vulnerable, wear your heart on your sleeve, and share a story that will uplift the spirits of the lucky person to find it, perhaps at the coffee store you always go to. Every passenger on the MTA subway could use a little love letter...

Dust off those running shoes ladies (yeah, sorry guys - this one's for us), because there's a Mini 10K coming to Central Park on Saturday, June 14. Maybe you run some, maybe you walk some. Who's judging? Let it be motivation to get you away from that computer screen, hitting the pavement for some endorphins so that you kick this prolonged winter in the ass. See you at the finish line, double fisting coconut water.

Nourish & Sustain

Tomato & Avocado. Sweet Potato & Coconut Oil. Kombucha & Cashews. On their own, they are full of goodness, however when paired with their respective other half, the nutritional benefits have amazing consequences. Everything from healthy skin to sustained energy and cancer fighting to an immunity boost. You'll want to bookmark this page and make sure these all become staples on your grocery list. 

I don't like to be too preachy about health, because to each their own, however this is a decent case for reasons to [completely] change your diet and how you eat. There are several things affecting us on a daily basis that we can't change, but our relationship with food and what we eat is something that we do have control over. "Fresh" does not always mean local. Artisan is not always artisan. And the one that makes me chuckle...a superfood is not a wonder drug. Damnit. "You don't necessarily need to pack your breakfast with some exotic seed from the Southern hemisphere," however I sure do love my chia seeds and acai berries. In all seriousness, some of these are good reminders and perhaps an eye opener.

  Photo courtesy of Darling Magazine

Photo courtesy of Darling Magazine

Let It Be Spring

Just when we thought we could tuck away the heavy winter coats and all black ensemble, we were yet again thrown a curve [snow] ball. Anyhow, to bring a little spring color inspiration to your day, Pantone has released their 2014 Color Report and there's no reason that it should be limited solely to our wardrobe. Radiant Orchid, Cayenne, and Placid Blue are just a few gems that made the list. From home decor and finding ways to spruce up your diet, a splash of color truly goes a long way. Excuse me while I go frolick in a field of radiant orchids and violet tulips. 


Don't Forget Your Momma

Yet again, Food52 has my stamp of approval by showcasing an amazing lineup of Mother's Day gift ideas featuring their lovely Provisions line. Whether she's a baker, a tea connoisseur, a wreath lover or a gardener, there is something for almost every motherly breed. Cleverly intertwined are features on delicious brunch ideas, cocktails to sip on together, and edible treats that you can create just for her. Here Mom, these are pour vous!

I very...very excited about stationary and picking out the perfect card for special occasions is a time consuming task. Thanks to the beauty and perfection that is Rifle Paper Co, Mother's Day card picking is easy breezy. Blank interiors allow for your thoughtful and loving words to be expressed. It'll look beautiful on her refrigerator next to the pictures of all the grandkids.

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