Link Love: Fresh, Local & Lucky Charmless

And in this week from yours truly, everything from a new spring hitlist and lucky charmless morning cereal to fresh pieces for spring and seashell spoons. Spring, we're just waiting for you...we know you're within arms reach, yes?

 Photo courtesy of Lael Cakes

Photo courtesy of Lael Cakes

Keeping it Local

The guys over at Immaculate Infatuation have compiled a short and sweet Spring Hit List of some restaurants in the city to check out once "it doesn't hurt to go outside anymore." Of course I have my eye on the spot with killer acai bowls, but I promise that there is more to be had on these menus...

Bouley Botanical, the new space in TriBeCa that I visited this past weekend is now offering a series of new concept pilates classes called "Plus5." These classes intend to "deliver a unique body weight experience that offers an antidote to modern day boot camps and promises to return exercisers to a state of balance, body awareness and core stability." See you on the mat.

Whether you're a bride-to-be or have an upcoming birthday or special event, I'd like to suggest that you check out the beautiful creations by Lael Cakes. She gets my stamp of approval for making gluten free and vegan cakes look like a piece of art. Chocolate with passionfruit icing and chili sea salt? Please and THANK you.


 Photo courtesy of Healthy.Happy.Life

Photo courtesy of Healthy.Happy.Life

Spring Palate

This cleverly named "Lucky Charmless" Vanilla Matcha Granola is the grown up version of a childhood favorite. Genius. And yes, I do love my crunchy granola. 

And in case you want some company with that matcha bowl, a few energy boosting morning drinks…that aren't coffee.

Quinoa, Spicy, and Kale. Three words that had me at hello. This Red Quinoa Salad with Spicy Lime Vinaigrette & Kale can be prepared two ways. Never underestimate the worth of a luscious green salad.


Fresh Looks

According to March 20, spring is here. Saturday was a tease. I finally went outside without a scarf and felt naked. And then Mother Nature decided to throw us for a loop with that numbing weather again this week. Anyhow, Anthropologie gives me hope with their curation of cheerful pieces to replace the heavy wardrobe we've been hibernating in all year. Sneak peek above to get you in the mood to begin making that spring wish list of yours. 



 Photo courtesy of Sweet Paul Magazine

Photo courtesy of Sweet Paul Magazine

Worth the Time

Now here's some lovely DIY therapy...Seashell Spoons! For sea salts, teas and herbs. Or just for looking pretty on your table. 

Sales from these beautiful handmade leather pieces help a family towards adopting an international child with a limb difference. Everything from clutches and camera straps to mason jar sleeves for your morning beverage on the go. Read this utterly inspiring behind the scenes story.

While it can seem daunting and quite a bit of a task attempting to pronounce some of these things, navigating the vitamin aisle is completely worth your while. When I came back from Costa Rica, I felt really "off" and now that I've added supplements back into my daily routine, I'm certainly recognizing the benefits of popping those bad boys. 


 Photo courtesy of the Lean Clean Eating Machine

Photo courtesy of the Lean Clean Eating Machine

In other news

I am working on putting together a "Spring Detox" plan, if you will, throughout the entire month of April. [More clever name to be determined]. During this time, I'll provide you with fresh content on a weekly basis that will include anything from healthy meal options to natural household cleaning products and beauty picks in an effort to decrease the amount of toxicity that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. We typically associate the word "detox" with some sort of diet, however detoxing goes beyond what we put in our bodies and can be something as simple as purging unnecessary items from your closet to be donated...and so on. All of this in hopes to help you stroll through spring feeling lighter, and perhaps glowing as well! You can pick and choose pieces each week as it best suits you and your own lifestyle, or dive right in and join me full heartedly. 

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