Link Love: Beauty In A Bottle, Mo Love This Movember & Enjoying All Of The Cocoa

Happy November! Although, I was not done with October just yet. It helps to get over that small bump knowing that the next two months are the most exciting (albeit the busiest) time of year filled with Thanksgivings and Friendsgivings (yes, plural), holiday markets, shopping and decor, seasonal comfort dishes and the desire to sneak in a quick getaway - whether that's to a cozy cabin in the mountains or a beach hut somewhere warm and tropical. It also comes with the likelihood of added stress, overspending and the potential to ignore our health and wellness. More important than ever, be sure to carve out time for yourself and find whatever escape it is that serves you - a sweaty hour (even half hour) on your yoga mat, a ten minute morning meditation (at least give it a try), a new uplifting playlist to push aside any distracting, negative thoughts in your mind or even better, an entire weekend for just you to tackle those personal things on your to-do list that have been hovering over you. All in the favor of being (and staying) well

And to that, a few wellness fun links and tid bits to help you leave here with something that you not have known before you stopped by. 

NYC Locale

While the Citi Bike initiative was certainly a wise one, you can't help but to think about all of the bums that have sat on the seat before you (sorry, it's the truth). Well, some clever little entrepreneurs have come up with CitySeat: a portable, sweat-proof bike seat cover, for your bum only, that you can throw in your purse or pocket to dress up your ride. Can't help but to love this decked out emoji seat cover. Read more on Well + Good

I love seeing how wellness companies (and companies in general) are making the most of their typically tiny workspaces. Modern Farmer is just one of them. Quick background: they're a small editorial team of eight helping to reshape the way we view food and sit on the second floor of an old house in the Hudson Valley. Sneak peek - it's flooding with natural light and classic country charm. And the editor-in-chief usually brings her dogs in, an added bonus and fell-good inducer for everyone. See more on Refinery 29

What are your thoughts on sipping a juice with activated charcoal? Excuse me, what? If you're looking for a beauty bomb in a bottle, Juice Generation may have the answer. They've announced a new line of beauty tonics that include (virtually tasteless) ingredients like activated charcoal, clay and rosewater. The hope is that when consumed internally, these elements will enhance your complexion in a similar manner that a great face mask does, while also benefiting the body. Next best thing or total fad? We shall see, but it's always worth a shot. Pun intended. Stay tuned for these to hit the shelves here in the city by mid-November.

 Photo courtesy of Etsy

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Give Mo Love

You're aware that November = Movember, yes? It's a men's health movement where men are challenged to grow out their moustaches to spark conversation and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. [See the state of Men's Health here]. Get involved as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista and have fun doing good.

Get yourself some Mo swag, like this handmade mug for your morning cuppa coffee or tea. Frolick around in this awesome Moustache Wayfarer American Apparel t-shirt that can also serve as something comfy to sleep in, or bake some nutritiously delicious cookies by using these fun moustache cookie cutters

And psst. If you're in NYC, Organic Avenue's Chelsea location is hosting a Men's Health Movember Wellness Workshop next Tuesday, 11/11 at 6pm. Just RSVP to: and join me there. 

Be Generous With The Cocoa

New findings show that cocoa can help to slow and even reverse age-related memory loss thanks to flavanols, the antioxidants inside of cocoa beans. While this study focuses on the benefits for those aged 50+, it's never a bad idea to start now. The overall benefits of cocoa are getting a lot of attention in general (beyond aging), therefore it's wise to sprinkle it in your smoothies and other concoctions whenever you feel it's appropriate (hello, PMS). Just make sure that you look for organic, sustainable varieties. 

Sip on this quick, easy and delicious Banana Oat Cocoa Smoothie for a morning meal on the go or post-workout recovery fix.

Give your rice cakes a nutritious punch by slathering on some almond butter, sliced bananas and cocoa bits. When hunger sneaks up, lean on this snack to tide you over before you opt for something else that's less than worthy of giving you some good fuel. 

Nothing is more satisfying during these colder months than the perfect cup of hot cocoa. Here's a creative and warming blend that calls for dates, walnuts, oats, vanilla extract, sea salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and chili (if you like things with a little kick). It's easier than it may sound, just don't forget the vegan s'mores.

Look for more vegan-friendly and delicious ways to add cocoa into your recipes here

Mo Love. Mo Cocoa. Mo Beauty Bombs. I think that we're all OK with the idea of that.

Happy Thursday & Be Well. 


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