Link Love: NYC's Sweetest Indulgences, Interviews With Interesting People and A Feast For Your Eyes

 Photo courtesy of @ roxanneleclerc

Photo courtesy of @roxanneleclerc

NYC Locale - Must Have Fall Indulgences

I have spied plenty of little sweet gems around the city and it's about time that I show them (and share) some love.  

Enjoy something like that of a warm hug in a bowl at OatMeals in the West Village. It's an oatmeal bar where you call the shots in terms of savory and/or sweet toppings, from cherries & chia seeds to olive oil & sriracha. Menu highlights? Indian Spice, Pumpkin Pie, Antioxidant Awakening, Truffle RisOATto, Thai Style Sweet & Spicy and The Gingerbread Bowl.  

One Lucky Duck on 17th & Irvining (also in Chelsea Market) is a drop-in favorite, namely for their heaping kale salads. That said, their raw vegan sweet treats should not go unnoticed. Be sure to save room for their inventive Snickers Cupcake and big bowl of their Almond Butter Cup ice cream

Drop in Haven's Kitchen on a Saturday morning to catch a fresh batch of whatever delicious flavored doughnuts they decided to whip up. Past highlights have included Apple Cider, Mocha and Peanut Butter Glazed

Interviews With Interesting People

...who also share an adoration of good food. I spent some time early this morning on The New Potato reading the inside scoop on a few noteworthy people and figured that I would share the fun with you, too. 

 Photo courtesy of The New Potato

Photo courtesy of The New Potato

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley (of Hemsley + Hemsley) are a pair of Brit sisters well known in the UK for their delicious, healthy recipes and have a serious following of celebrity and fashion insider clients. Read on about their love of cauliflower, avocado cheesecake and the art of eating well.

(Also, their Chia Chai Butternut Breakfast Pudding is one for the books.)

 Photo courtesy of The New Potato

Photo courtesy of The New Potato

What's not to love about Jesse Tyler Ferguson? He loves a fried egg on nearly anything, his mother's Christmas cookies and of course, bow ties. Catch a glimpse of his day-in-the-life and then spend your evening cozying up with  Modern Family reruns for plenty of laughs. 

 Photo courtesy of The New Potato

Photo courtesy of The New Potato

Even star ballerina Misty Copeland has guilty pleasures including french fries, ice cream and cupcakes (don't we all), however she keeps her diet clean and follows a very simple beauty routine. Tune in here for more on her dance mantra and favorite foods.

Feast Your Eyes

As if we aren't consumed enough by beautifully plated dishes in our Instagram feeds (by choice, of course) are a few more to keep your fixations healthy and wholesome during the indulgent holidays ahead. 

@nourishandevolve is a behind-the-scenes of Tina Gan, a plant eater in Melbourne. Those Australians just really seem to get it. She posts mouthwatering goodness in the form of vegan French toast to tahini & chili avocado toast. More here

@seasonallyjane is run by Amanda Jane who resides in Lighthouse Point, Florida - providing you with delicious recipe inspiration as celebrated by the changing of seasons. From butternut squash and brown butter sage gnocchi to a shredded brussels sprouts & toasted pecan salad, your Thanksgiving dinner table will be filled with crowd pleasing favorites. More here

@stephanie_somebody is a different kind of "feast your eyes." She's a freelance stylist, designer, creative director from Melbourne (yes, another one) and from what I can gather, a contributor for Kinfolk Magazine. She showcases beautifully curated moments from her photo shoots, which include some amazing rustic table settings. More here.  

Stay warm, cozy and dry on this rainy Thursday...& be well.


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