As a women's health and integrative nutrition specialist, my services are specialized towards helping women achieve balance and vitality in their lives while regaining control of their hormones. I'll provide you with essential tools, knowledge and guidance as a catalyst for positive transformation and improved health. Our menstrual cycles give us important clues regarding what's happening on the inside. By working with women to understand their symptoms and uncover the root cause for hormonal woes, we will develop an individualized program to find systematic relief in a holistic manner.

My Purpose | In this highly endocrine-disruptive society, the rate of women suffering from hormonal dysfunction and imbalance is steadily on the rise. There is a generalized lack of awareness towards women's health issues, especially as it pertains to the toxic chemicals in our food, beauty products and the environment that may contribute to long-term illness and dis-ease. After suffering from symptoms of endometriosis, I began to adopt a more conscious and holistic approach to find healing and relief. This lifestyle awakening allowed me to discover the need + desire to help other women who may be suffering the same or similar issues. 

My Philosophy | Living well isn't a one-size fits all approach. The journey is unique and individualized for every woman; always subject to change based on conditional circumstances. I ask that all clients have the desire to take action towards the betterment of their overall health and wellbeing and are ready to do the work. I do not heal you, you do, with me as your guide. 

Consultations can be booked directly below. Initial phone consultations are free to determine the effectiveness of working together. Note that I am currently based in Virginia, so please consider EST when noting your booking window. 



During this brief phone conversation, you'll have the opportunity to share your health circumstances and concerns with me. I'll ask questions in an effort to evaluate your current needs and we'll then determine the effectiveness of working together to help guide you towards optimal balance and wellbeing.


$150 | 60-75 MINUTES

In-person or over the phone

This in-depth session will be an open dialogue to review your women's health history, which you will have time to complete prior to our consultation together. We'll identify your major health concerns and areas for desired and improved wellbeing. A full recap of our time together will be sent directly to you along with actionable next steps based on your own unique and individual needs in order to keep you accountable until our follow-up consultation (which will vary from 2-4 weeks). 


In person or over the phone

$100 | 60 MINUTES

After you've completed your first-time consultation with me, this session will be available to you on an as-needed, ongoing basis. We'll discuss the transformation that's taken place, fine-tune areas for improvement, identify specific blocks and triggers and continue to pave the way towards your optimal health and wellbeing. This will allow you to continue to have accountability and support.

adolescent coaching & menstrual health education

In person or over the phone

$75 | 60 MINUTES

In this new service that I'll be offering to young women aged 13-20, we'll discuss the menstrual cycle in depth in order to deepen awareness of hormonal health and menstrual hygiene at an earlier age. These young women will be given individualized recommendations for holistic lifestyle practices that they can begin to implement on a daily basis, while working together to identify any possible early-onset symptoms or imbalances that could be affecting their lifestyle and general wellbeing. A parent or guardian must provide consent prior to session meetings. 

karma consultation

In person or over the phone


As a way to expand outreach to women looking for accountability, balance and support in navigating the highs & woes of modern living, I’ll be offering one session per month, at no cost, targeted to adolescent and college-aged women interested in learning more about menstrual health & achieving hormonal balance. Conversations, resources and tools that I wish I had available at that age, when some of the greatest shifts are taking place in our bodies. Please complete the brief form below, explaining what you're looking to gain from this experience and any specific symptoms or conditions that you're looking to target. 

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Clients have the ability to reschedule appointments online, however cancellations must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of your consultation time. 

Refunds are not permitted and missed appointments will result in the earliest available for reschedule. 

For any other specific questions regarding my services, my process & how I may be able to help you, please email me directly: