Rosewater Pistachio & Schisandra Tart

I've been looking for a good excuse to make this tart for quite some time, and finally had the opportunity to do so by sharing it with others during our NOURISH workshop this past weekend. With just a few slight adaptations, it's quickly become a new favorite for celebrations, occasions and the always just because moments. 

Rich in skin-nourishing ingredients like tocotrienols and schisandra plus the added nutritive properties of rose water, it's equal parts earthy and rich with just a subtle touch of sweet, so it works well for both breakfast and dessert.

ROSE WATER | is not only very refreshing, especially during these warmer months, but helps to promote healthy digestion, detoxification and has mood-improving qualities. It's versatile ifor use in creating floral face mists and hydrosols as well as using it to blend face masks as a part of any skincare ritual.

SCHISANDRA BERRY | is considered a beauty adaptogen, sparks libido/acts as a natural aphrodisiac, aids the liver and supports hormonal balance.

TOCOTRIENOLS | is a luxurious ingredient to any recipe, as this creamy powder (derived from rice bran) supports healthy skin tissue and outer glow while reducing inflammation in the body. 

Rosewater Pistachio & Schisandra Tart

adaptation of Alison Wu's Mostly Raw Pistachio-Rose Tart

makes a 10" round tart / 8 large slices

Pistachio Crust

1 cup raw pistachios

6 organic medjool dates

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 cup almond meal

1/4 cup dried, shredded unsweetened coconut

In a food processor, process pistachios into a coarse powder. Add in the 3 of the dates + coconut oil, blend until well combined. Add the other 3 dates, almond meal and shredded coconut. Blend until well combined.

Line a 10″ round tart pan with plastic wrap (optional). Take the crust mixture, and using your hands, press evenly throughout the tart pan until the entire bottom is covered. Place pan in the freezer to chill while you make the filling.

Cashew & Coconut Cream Filling

1 cup cashews, soaked in water in the refrigerator overnight

1 can full fat coconut milk (Whole Foods 365 brand seems to be the best I've found)

2 tbsp pure maple syrup, or your favorite sweetener

1 tbsp coconut oil

2 heaping tbsp tocotrienols

3-4 tsp pure rose water

1/2 tsp schisandra berry

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp fresh lemon juice

dash himalayan pink salt

Drain the cashews from the soaking water and then blend all filling ingredients in high-speed blender or food processor until completely smooth. Pour filling over crust in tart pan and use a spoon to evenly distribute.


Dried rose petals 

Dried calendula

Crushed pistachios

Flecks of schisandra berry

Garnish as desired and then allow tart to set in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Store in an airtight container in the freezer or refrigerator. Will keep for quite a while in the freezer, just remove 30 minutes before serving, or move to the refrigerator several hours before serving.

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