Matcha Rosé & Rose Petal Granola

A spring awakening for your taste buds, these two recipes feature crushed rose petals for an aromatic and aphrodisiacal indulgence. 

Matcha Rosé

This potent morning herbal blend is antioxidant rich, mineralizes deeply, provides grounding energy and promotes beauty from within. 

1 cup nut or seed milk (almond, cashew or pumpkin seed recommended)

custom herbal blend (recommendations below)

1/2 tsp matcha powder 

1 tbsp blue adaptogen protein or supergreen protein mix (optional, to thicken + increase bio-available source of protein)

crushed rose petals

bee pollen

raw honey (optional)

Herbal Additions

1/2 tsp ashwagandha

1/2 tsp chaga

1/2 tsp cordyceps

1/8 tsp pearl

Combine milk, matcha, herbs, protein and honey into blender and blend on high. For a warming blend, steam or heat the milk first and then add to blender with other ingredients.

Pour and serve in your favorite morning mug. 

Sprinkle lightly with crushed rose petals and bee pollen, enjoy. 

*Locals, you can find these beautiful Humble Ceramics matcha mugs at Boketto Wellness.

Rose Petal Granola

This nutrient-dense granola is loaded with adaptogens that blanket your nervous system and is rich in iron, zinc and b12.

adapted from Eli Keaton, makes 6 servings

3 cups gluten free organic oats

2 tbsp coconut oil

5 organic medjool dates

6 brazil nuts

handful sunflower seeds

handful pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup mulberries

1 tbsp tocotrienols

1/2 cup crushed rose petals

1/2 tsp sea salt

Herbal Additions

2 tsp ho shou wu

pinch of schisandra berry


1 tbsp coconut nectar, raw honey or maple syrup (optional) 

Blend coconut oil, dates, sea salt, herbs and sweetener together in high powered blender or food processor until well combined, thick consistency.

Pulse oats, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds until mixture is well combined.

Pour mixture onto baking pan and toss with tocotrienols.

Bake in the oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes, until granola achieves a slightly golden, crunchy texture.

Remove from oven and add pumpkin seeds and crushed rose petals.

Let cool and store in a large glass jar.