Matcha Hibiscus Cheesecake

These decadent little "cheesecake" indulgences satisfy every little sweet spot and are just as suitable for breakfast as they are for dessert. A macadamia nut and pumpkin seed crust is layered with a matcha-infused cashew and coconut filling followed by a subtly sweet hibiscus layer that has been infused with deeply mineralizing adaptogens for enhanced benefits. Garnished with bits of dried rose petals and calendula, it's a lovely late summer fix that's rich, but deeply wholesome.

Clearly, creativity through nourishment is something that I highly enjoy, however I do realize that fifteen ingredients and a host of adaptogens that seem to be the shiny new object in the wellness world can feel off-putting, but the process of making, sharing and educating about why this or that ingredient is a highly rewarding process. And when the result tastes better (and sits better in the belly) than its chemical-laden counterpart, all the better.

I whipped up these matcha hibiscus cheesecake bites for Boketto Wellness and while the recipe may not seem so simple (really, it is), the wholesome ingredients far outweigh the artificial, processed list found in most mass produced store bought varieties (mono & diglycerides, soy lecithin, sodium name a few). 

Hop on over to the Boketto Wellness Journal for the full recipe.