Current Fixation | Late Summer Pantry Staples

Current Fixation is a monthly feature that spotlights a current ritual or lifestyle practice that I'm loving along with the tools that I use to help create an optimal experience towards self-care & overall wellbeing. Here's to sharing that with you.

Last month, I was fixated on shower rituals (still am and continue to be), but this month it's been a focused shift towards seasonal nourishment, especially during this grey period of still-summer but also starting-to-feel-like-fall, tuning in to my body's cravings that have been all across the board during this transition. 

Grounding, earthy vegetables such as beets and squash may be what I crave one day, while the next it's a cooling fig-based smoothie infused with abundant summer fruits and nourishing fats. I've also been more mindful of the quality of my protein intake, bringing organic and sustainable chicken back in to the mix to support the deeper nourishment of my hormones and energy levels. 

Below, I'm sharing just a handful of late summer pantry staples that I've been keeping on hand and consuming in various ways to support my body's current cravings and needs, morning to night. 

Beets | for an iron-rich addition to late summer salads, either spiralized or in their whole form. They pair just as well with blackberries, blueberries and cherries in cooling smoothies, and are especially beneficial for rebuilding blood and replenishing lost nutrients during and after a woman's menstrual cycle.

Cauliflower | since it's so versatile and provides the taste buds with just a hint of fall, depending on how it's prepared. It's also DIM-rich, which helps to support the detoxification of excess estrogen in the body. Loving the idea of it in this tahini ranch salad.

Coconut Butter | for quality fats & as a quick remedy to hunger pangs, helping to stabilize blood sugar levels and give the body a bit of an energy boost. I've found that overindulging in other nut butters (almond, cashew, etc) makes me feel sluggish, so coconut butter is a nice in-between because it's so decadently rich that just a little bit does the trick and keeps my body satisfied. Blended into morning tonics or by the spoonful is how I prefer it, however in a bind, it can be blended with purified water to create a simple homemade coconut milk. 

Figs | for their subtle sweetness and wholesome goodness, including fiber, essential minerals and antioxidants. They pair surprisingly well (and I mean really well) with tahini and make for a decadent little dessert smoothie, like this one. Also, cashew buttered dried figs for when fresh varieties are not as easy to find. It would be wise to stock up now and freeze them to indulge in throughout the cooler months. 

Maca Root | to support optimal thyroid function, energy and libido. Plus, it smells and tastes divine (think malty, caramel-like). Froth it up in morning tonics, smoothies, raw homemade chocolates and matcha hibiscus cashew cheesecake bites. Complete bliss, this stuff. 

Miso | because of its full-on umami experience. My favorite miso-infused and mineral-rich fixation lately is this Sea Clear probiotic spread. I've been schmearing it on fish and chicken and infusing salad dressings with it every chance I get. Works really well as a spread in collard wraps or in place of wasabi on sushi. 

Sauerkraut | keeps the gut happy and healthy, delivering abundant and essential probiotics to keep bodily processes running smoothly. It adds a nice crunch to salads, and is my personal favorite way to enjoy it, especially since it needs to remain refrigerated and cool. For those unfamiliar, it's essentially fermented cabbage and can be infused with varying herbs and spices for rich taste and deeper nourishment. Kimchi works just as well!

Shilajit | The cooler mornings bring cravings for piping hot coffee, but me and caffeine don't really agree anymore. In comes shilajit, a potent little powder that has done wonders in terms of overall mental clarity, energy and digestion. I love pairing it with chaga for the mushroom adaptogen benefits and to support DNA on a deeply cellular level. In a way, these rich powders are my version of a daily supplement. 

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds | for essential vitamins & minerals, especially zinc. I prefer them sprouted and with a touch of celtic sea salt to enhance digestion. Add them to trail mix, homemade granolas, oatmeal, pestos, abundant greens and hormone balancing nut butter bark

Tahini | as the base to simple salad dressings (currently, I've been combining it with olive oil and turmeric) and as a versatile alternative to nut butters in smoothies. Sesame seeds, the base of tahini itself, are potent little sources of iron as well.