Skin Food Nourishment


It's no longer just about the foods that we eat, but how we can apply those same intentional tactics to how we care for our skin, the body's largest living organ. Skin doesn't have the luxury of a digestive system to filter harmful toxins, so whatever we slather on is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. However, what it does have is infinite intelligence, providing immediate signs (such as hormonal acne) that highlight when something is out of balance, and likely indicating more deeply rooted issues within. Most modern skincare routines strip the beneficial flora and protective layer of the skin, so it's important to treat your skincare like it's medicine and opt for an as natural as possible approach to prevent further implications down the line.

I've recently been very inspired by Nadine Artemis, creator of Living Libations, who has greatly opened my eyes to what truly healthy skin means. Specifically, this podcast feature allowed me to dig deep into proper, essential care for our largest living organ. With her knowledge, paired with my passion for hands-on creativity, I've found joy in whipping up some of my very own skin food facial treatments by simply using what I have in my home apothecary. Based on seasonality and understanding the skin's current needs, this mask blending self-care ritual helps to ease the mind by knowing exactly what we're putting on my skin.

This precious blend is a combination of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich ingredients that deeply detoxify while bringing circulation and blood back to the skin. 

BLACK CHARCOAL | This stuff is potent, a magnet for toxins and impurities that helps to clear pores, remove dry patches and balance skin tone. This Ayurvedic blend that I used above contains a wealth of additional natural ingredients including neem powder, Indian ginseng, geranium oil, coconut oil and patchouli oil to further protect from environmental damage while supporting tissue regeneration and collagen production. 

MATCHA | Quality-grade matcha powder not only makes an energizing morning tonic, but the supply of potent antioxidants helps to reduce free radicals and support healthy aging of the skin. Matcha and mask, anyone?

PROPOLIS | My love for this regenerative face mask is undeniable. A miracle in a jar, the blend contains a base of french green & kaolin clays, camu camu, white turmeric, raw cacao, sweet cinnamon and essential oils of frankincense. It creates a subtle tingling effect when applied to the skin and stimulates cell renewal, leaving the face smooth and radiant. 

TURMERIC | This golden powder brings blood right to the surface of the skin to improve circulation and has highly beneficial anti-inflammatory effects. Instantly seeing these effects is a good indication of just what it can do when consumed internally, cleansing the blood and helping to support the liver through its natural detoxification process. 

Blend all ingredients intuitively (a few pinches of each), place in a small ceramic bowl and use purified water or hydrosols to create a thick paste. Apply to face with hands or face mask brush, then relax and indulge with your legs against the wall or during a quick meditative pause to restore the mind, body, spirit and skin.

You're invited to join us during our NOURISH Spring Workshop as we discuss skin food in depth and allow you the opportunity to create your own custom face mask with natural & edible ingredients. Limited spots are available. Details & tickets here