Seasonal Skin & Apothecary Staples


Seasonality, stress, hormones, environmental toxins and food allergens are just a few circumstances that can create a breeding ground for problematic skin and flare ups. The skin, being our largest precious organ, is usually the first to take the hit when something is off balance from within. Rather than slathering with more chemicals from toxin laden products, a conscious routine of properly cleansing and treating the skin can make such a difference. This wall of plant medicine at Boketto Wellness continues to be a saving grace for my skin, no matter the hiccups.

Longing for the day when there’s better regulation towards the chemicals used in most mass produced skincare products, but at least we’re slowing waking up, educating ourselves and thank goodness we have incredibly conscious makers paving the way.

I'm sharing the details of my personal method, routine and preferred makers and brands over on The Boketto Journal

Allison WaltonComment