Herbal Support For A Healthy Liver

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Among the body's six main organs of elimination, the liver is the most important in my opinion. Not only does it play an instrumental role in the body's natural detoxification process, but is fundamental in metabolizing and regulating hormones, controlling fat storage and energy production, cleansing and purifying the blood and supporting optimal digestion. Our liver is constantly working to defend us from toxins that are common in our everyday life, acting as a filter to remove these harmful chemicals from the body. 

I've done a great deal of self-education and experimentation over the past year in order to better support the health of my liver and therefore improve and restore hormonal balance. I've nixed dairy, caffeine and alcohol almost completely, relied more heavily on plant-based proteins as well as fish and eggs and started to incorporate adaptogens and herbs. It is a process that has taught me patience, again and again, as I'm trying to let my body heal naturally and reverse itself from years of toxic overload - both within my control and beyond.  

Below are the four main herbs that I've been experimenting with and can say without a doubt that I have felt the work being done to bring me closer to relief. I keep a variety of these on hand in both tincture and powder form and include them in some sort of hot water or nut milk elixir as a part of a morning and/or evening ritual. 

Dandelion | is the yellow weed that you think that it is, and is in most liver tonics due to its bitter resins that stimulate the digestive system. It has quite a bitter taste that comes from the flavonoids that give dandelion its blood purifying properties as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. It's also considered to be a diuretic, however unlike most diuretics, dandelion contains high amounts of potassium that restore the mineral balance in the kidneys as toxins are flushed out. Look for fresh, organic dandelion greens that can be included in your spring salads, otherwise I recommend this Anima Mundi Viridem Elixir that contains dandelion and a host of other potent nutrients for some deep liver love.

Milk Thistle | is one of the most effective remedies for protecting and healing the liver because of a specific substance called silymarin that helps to regenerate liver cells damaged by toxins and further reduce inflammation. It is highly effective in reversing the harmful effects of alcohol consumption, pesticides and heavy metals in our food and water supply and pollution in the air that we breathe. I've been using milk thistle tincture in my morning tonics, but sometimes prefer a powerful powder mix like this Liver Vitality

Schisandra | assists in the production of various liver detoxifying enzymes in addition to boosting antioxidant activity, improving circulation, aiding digestion and removing waste from the body. Because liver health is tied to stronger immunity, schisandra is known to protect against infections, indigestion and various gastrointestinal disorders. Moon Juice Schisandra wins my heart again and again, and was one of the main adaptogens included in our custom NOURISH Women's Blend for overall health, longevity and hormone support. 

Turmeric | is the liver's favorite spice, helping to boost liver detoxification by assisting enzymes that actively flush out dietary toxins. The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, that helps protect the bile duct to improve the flow of bile, acting as a liver cleanser. It rejuvenates liver cells by preventing toxins and alcohol from being converted into harmful compounds that can damage the liver. I love Moondeli's Golden Turmeric because it already contains black pepper, which enhances the bio-available potency of curcumin