Fall + Lately: A Playlist For The Seasonal Shift

Often times, I don't know where I'd be without music. It's usually the background soundtrack to whatever I'm doing: cleaning, eating, sitting, laying, dancing, driving, moving, meditating, sleeping. You get the point. 

Memories, emotions, moods, movements, highs, lows. It has a way of feeling relatable and making us feel a certain way. Teaching yoga with music is very powerful, as an instructor and as a student. When to fire it up, when to slow it down. A word, a phrase, a cue in the lyrics that hits you right to your core. Or by some magical way is timed a little too well during class. 

Music is fundamental to my personal style of teaching. I put all the work into them and then let the sequencing flow and pour out in whatever way it does. Not always, but many times the music selection is a reflection of my current state of being - mentally, physically, emotionally. It's a release for me that allows me to experience a sense of empowered after teaching. It always seems to have a way with giving me exactly what I need. My energy, the energy in the room, the size of the class, and of course the music being played. So many factors make it a truly unique experience every single time. 

Without the music, I'm honestly not quite sure I'd enjoy the practice of yoga nearly as much as I do. I view yoga as a dance, and most dances that I've been to involve music. 

Below is a playlist full of tunes that have inspired me lately during this seasonal shift, some of which appear on my weekly yoga playlists. If you'd like to be a part of this dance, I've got a few opportunities for you:

ONGOING | Join me for some sweaty, shape-shifting candlelight vinyasa on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Humble Haven Yoga. It's my absolute favorite class to teach. 

NOURISH WORKSHOP | Snag your spot at our fall women's wellness workshop on Saturday, November 12 and begin the day with empowering moves + tunes followed by a nourishing brunch + curated sessions on self-care, natural skincare + more.

ANTHRO x ANDBEWELL | RSVP to an exclusive in-store yoga event with Anthropologie Richmond on Sunday, November 13. An hour of yoga followed by an hour to shop before the store opens the doors to the public. Do something for yourself + then get a head start on holiday shopping for those on your list.