Faces of Beauty: Leanne Wei of Honey & Velvet

It's been quite some time since I've featured a new face of beauty, however in the midst of warm weather and a focus on spring awakening for your skin, the timing feels more than perfect. And if you haven't quite caught on to my Faces of Beauty series just yet, it's essentially a celebration of our very own special and unique features, imperfections and all, that make us who we are. 

For me, it's my canvas of freckles all over my face that becomes this sort of connect the dots game in the thick of summer, yet I've come to really appreciate them, and don't mind that they help to hide the occasional hormonal breakouts that I get on my chin. And while I used to believe that St. Ive's Apricot Scrub was the be-all end-all exfoliating face wash, it wasn't until I started investing more time educating myself on the ingredients that were in my products (not just in my morning smoothie bowl) that I began to realize how important it is to go au natural. Our bodies soak up topical products like a sponge and they can penetrate deep into our cells and cause quite some damage over time if we aren't mindful.

And so that's why I've wanted to spark an ongoing celebration for us ladies that embrace our skin for what it is and fine-tune our skincare routines so that they become as simple and holistic as possible. Like Leanne Wei of the ever-so beautiful site Honey & Velvet, who does exactly this. She has an amazing natural glow, which she owes to DIY products that she makes herself - right in her own kitchen! This gal is full of genuine inspiration, knowledge, skin nourishing recipes and has a real heart of gold. You must follow her on Instagram to fill your feed with her captivating photos and words of inspiration. 

I had a quick Q&A with her to find out about her personal approach to skincare and ask her to spill her secrets for how she achieves that incredible glow. Read along below and I guarantee that you'll leave here ready to clean up your beauty cabinet and start partaking in a little DIY of your own.

  Photo courtesy of Leanne Wei

Photo courtesy of Leanne Wei

Day to day: 

Currently, I do three things: 

1. I work in fashion PR. 

2. I style and photograph food. 

3. I run the blog Honey & Velvet

Natural beauty mantra: 

Less is more. 

I love making my own DIY beauty and skincare products with organic oils and fresh ingredients from my kitchen. When I don't have time, I search for natural products containing as few ingredients as possible. I also don't believe in hurting - it's very important to me that the products are thoughtfully packaged and designed (I hate excessive and unnecessary packaging) and are never tested on animals. 

Natural beauty weapon of choice: 

Honey, rosewater and coconut oil. 

  Photo courtesy of Honey & Velvet

Photo courtesy of Honey & Velvet

My current skincare routine is simple. After removing makeup, I wet my face with warm water and cleanse with raw organic honey. Then I use my DIY rosewater facial toner and moisturize with virgin coconut oil. 

Honey is naturally antibacterial, clarifying and packed with antioxidants so it's amazing for sensitive and acne prone skin. Rosewater balances and rehydrates the skin while coconut oil soothes and moisturizes. This three step beauty ritual literally makes my skin glow!

Favorite personal feature: 


How are you protecting your lips and your skin in general

I love daily sugar scrubs with raw honey, brown sugar and olive oil. I also have an obsession with collecting coconut oil based lip balms and never ever leave my apartment without one!

Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets with us, Leanne. And cheers to celebrating natural beauty and feeling pure and polished in our own skin.

Indulge your skin & be well,

xo Allison

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