Current Fixation | Shower Rituals

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Current Fixation is a monthly feature that spotlights a current ritual or lifestyle practice that I'm loving along with the tools that I use to help create an optimal experience towards self-care & overall wellbeing. Here's to sharing that with you.

Now that the ritual of fewer showers in a week is praised rather than being frowned upon, it's worth exploring the process that often feels like a complete indulgence, especially since it's not just about the shampoo and conditioner anymore. In fact, the hair products are the least of my concern, and by that, I mean that I've simplified hair care (sometimes to just a bottle of ACV) and have put more effort into quality products for pre-and-post skin prep as well creating an ideal environment that enhances all senses. Showers are a sensual experience that incorporate the practice of self-love and becoming comfortable in our own skin. We're straight up naked after all, so we better love what we're trying to suds up. Stretch marks, tan lines, freckles, bruises, impulse tattoos, bumps, imperfections and all. 

For me personally, there's nothing better at night than sprawling underneath freshly laundered sheets with that feeling of smooth limbs and good smelling skin. Candles and music and an oversized t-shirt that probably once belonged to a past love...

It doesn't get much better. I relish in it. 

Below, I'm sharing the other secrets / tools that I've artfully coveted (over time) that have made my steamy shower rituals feel like necessary time that I give back to myself, for restoring and taking care of this one womanly body that I've got.

Be sure to scroll down for some special at-home shower ritual recipes as well, loving contributions from Abigail Green of Greenhaus.

IONIC BODY BRUSH | For improved circulation & lymphatic support while I wait for the shower to get hot. A relatively new ritual for me that is in fact much simpler than originally thought, with rejuvenating benefits. This brush is the one that you eventually want to invest in, but start with a much less expensive version and go from there. Begin at the feet and brush up towards the heart, targeting belly, thighs, bum and everything in between (including arm pits, little vessels where our lymph nodes reside).

EUCALYPTUS & GERANIUM | Fresh is ideal, but diffusing these essential oils creates an uplifting, spa-like experience. Currently fixated on Vitruvi's line of essential oils and I love that they recommend what blends well with what. Eucalyptus is fresh + stimulating + herbal while geranium is floral + sweet + feminine, a beautiful balance. Geranium is also wonderful for hormonal balance, especially in the second phase of a woman's menstrual cycle.

GERANIUM LEAF BODY SCRUB | I have yet to find one that I love more than this one by Aesop. It exfoliates so well and leaves my skin feeling completely polished, smooth and delicious. I go through a bottle way too quickly, so my advice to you would be to use wisely.

PATCHOULI & SAGE CANDLE | I've been burning this baby, a signature scent by Na Nin, during my evening showers and then taking it with me to bed (or rather my nightstand) for an extended, sensual wind down. I'm very sensitive to fragrances lately, so essential oil-based candles have been my go-to since they don't leave me with a headache. 

NUCIFERA BALM | I slather this balm all over my body as soon as I towel dry. It's especially healing for post-sun skin, thanks to its medicinal-grade lineup of essential oils including lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, carrot seed, sandalwood, palo santo, patchouli & frankincense + hydrating plant butters like coconut, avocado, mango and moringa.

PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask | This wildly amazing mask is usually a twice-weekly post-shower ritual to keep my precious skin in solid condition (and glowing). An absolute miracle in a jar, this special blend contains rare and skin-brightening white turmeric, spices that encourage blood flow to the surface of the skin and antioxidant-rich raw cacao and vanilla bean. I often follow my mask treatment with other indulgences from the H line, including a face oil / serum to nourish, hydrate & restore. 

TURKISH TOWELS | Mostly because they double as beach towels, but I've found that they hold the wrap better versus the bulkier towels traditionally used, so they don't squirm off the body as easily when trying to master the art of shaving your legs, applying your mask, cooking your romantic dinner for one, etc. Really loving these beauties by Serena & Lily (the same makers of these gorgeous hanging rattan chairs, mind you)

Enhance your shower rituals at home with these easy, clean & effective recipes, crafted by the lovely Abigail Green of Our Greenhaus.

  Photo courtesy: Abigail Green

Photo courtesy: Abigail Green

DRY SHAMPOO | For the days where keeping your roots tousled and upright during your shower (aka skipping the shampoo), give it a little love with this DIY dry shampoo blend. Plus, store-bought variations contain some questionable ingredients and are designed to draw moisture away from the scalp, therefore excessive use can leave you with a dry, flaky scalp. This blend combines arrowroot powder with essential oils of spearmint and lavender, creating a bedhead-friendly "shampoo" that's anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Spearmint stimulates the hair's follicles & increases circulation, further strengthening your hair & helping it to grow more quickly. 

△ Fill an empty glass jar halfway with arrowroot powder. 

△ Add 2 drops spearmint essential oil + 2 drops lavender essential oil.

△ Seal the lid and shake it all up, then fill to the top with more arrowroot powder.

△ Shake onto your neglected roots & rub in with your hands or a makeup brush. Voila. 

  Photo courtesy: Abigail Green

Photo courtesy: Abigail Green

DETOX MASK | Mask rituals are the golden gateway drug to improved skin, helping to remove harsh impurities from everyday moving, sweating, being and so on. When trying to find efficiencies with your at-home products, this specific mask takes the cake. Bentonite clay, made from volcanic ash, is rich in minerals to help unclog pores, clarify skin tone and decrease inflammation (aka breakouts), but can also be added by the spoonful to morning smoothies to help naturally detoxify the body from the inside out. Honey, when unpasteurized, has probiotic & antibacterial properties, and of course makes a wonderful pantry staple. Activated charcoal binds to dirt in your pores, helping to diminish pore size, but can also be used as a tooth powder when brushing your teeth to reduce bacteria in the mouth and gums. Lavender and tea tree both have wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits for skin, but clearly are very versatile for at-home use as well as diffusing for physical and emotional wellbeing.

△ In a small mask bowl or ceramic, combine 1/2 tbsp. bentonite clay + 1/2 tbsp. water + 1 tsp raw honey + 1 tsp activated charcoal + 1 drop of lavender + 1 drop of tea tree essential oil.
△ Whisk together all ingredients with a wooden spoon & apply liberally to face. 

△ Let sit for 20 minutes & then rinse off in the shower (or with a wash cloth if using as a post-shower ritual).