Creativity As Medicine | Melissa Rousseau of M. Parke Studio

  Photography credit: Melissa Rousseau

Photography credit: Melissa Rousseau

Creativity As Medicine is a series that celebrates those harnessing the power of their creativity towards crafting intentional products for the betterment of this community and world at large. Whether it's art, healing plants or small batched products that deeply nourish the mind, body and soul, here's to honoring those that truly enhance our wellbeing and promote healing from the inside out, and outside in. 

"We have all benefited from the creations of others. Whether they occur in nature or are the result of people leaving their legacy of creative footprints, they leave an important and lasting impression on us." 

We all win when we create. It is good for the self and it is good for the community. Once we see our own abilities in action, we begin to hope. We can change existence and influence the world. Creativity helps us understand and believe in ourselves.

I revisited these words the other day, ones that I had nestled deep in the archives and held on to, reminding myself of the importance in practicing creative freedom and harnessing its power in an effort to intentionally craft, make, and do good - for the self as well as for others. In my opinion, creativity is a necessary self-care ritual that promotes fulfillment in any realm of work and provides individuals with an outlet that has therapeutic benefits. 

And speaking of self care and ritual, today I'm highlighting one of the most wildly inspiring creative forces that radiates a sense of deep nourishment for me personally. Her intention is genuine and her passion shines through in every thing that she creates with her own two hands. For the skin, for the eyes, for the belly, for the soul. 

Melissa Rousseaucreator of M. Parke Studio & Parke Rituals, is an artist, healer, herbalist, nutritionist, breath + color medicine guide, massage therapist, reiki practitioner and full time student of plants. After being submerged in treatments and protocols for 20+ years, her healing journey with Lyme Disease took a new and revitalized course when she reunited with the process of creating rituals in her self care. I was originally drawn to Melissa because of the creative and intuitive approach she takes towards her gorgeous art workIt softens something deep within me and immediately has me wanting every wall in my house to be a cosmic awakening where sand meets the sea. She uses a watercolor-based alchemy of tea and plant infusions to create her individual pieces, such as hibiscus and schizandra, plus gold dust that has a way of wrapping it all together like a warm hug. 

  "Cosmic Awakening" by Melissa Rousseau

"Cosmic Awakening" by Melissa Rousseau

Recently, Melissa launched Parke Rituals, a line of healing oil and botanical products that serve as skin food to nourish, hydrate, soothe, heal and support a glowing outerlayer. Her SKIN LOVE Spirit Soak and PETALS + GREENS Illuminating Salve are the closest things to actual gold that I've held in my hands. Her pre + post soak rituals have inspired me to spend more time nourishing my body externally, and my gosh it's been far too long since I've allowed myself to indulge in a long soak. Likely because I hadn't found the right way to soak, until now. As women, the more that we focus on nourishing, touching, feeling, soaking and indulging our bodies properly and applying intentional, healing products to it, it's then that we can begin to honor a healthier relationship with our bodies and become more comfortable in our own skin. And so, the medicine.

Thank you, Melissa, for your creative and healing gifts that we can all mindfully indulge in as pure and potent medicine. 

For more creative medicine by Melissa, be sure to indulge in her plethora of recipes, especially this potent and deeply effective Aphrodisiac Cake that's infused with adaptogenic goodness and a special hibiscus rose frosting.