Conscious City Guide: New York


When I moved up to Brooklyn this winter, there were slight expectations and then there were the non-expectations of what I would be in for. While New Love City has become my home base, I've been enjoying those moments in between, discovering (and re-discovering) hidden gems.

They are downstairs markets and sunny corner cafes and holistic wellness nooks and sweet little vegan crêperies and fancy little vegan cheese shops. They provide a sense of comfort and nourishment and things I didn't realize actually existed (i.e. the unicorn latte). But for the conscious at heart. Those that appreciate spaces where you can indulge in a delicious meal or herbal elixir and then learn a thing or two via private events and workshops. Or simply just have a lovely conversation with the people that run these places and care deeply for the wellness of their community.

I'm happy to be sharing those here with you, although this list will only continue to grow as I turn a corner and find another, and then another. 

ABC MARKET | The downstairs of ABC Carpet & Home for all of your beauty + wellness needs. Their market nights are like an evening at a luxury Costco with samples of artisanal delights from rich dark chocolates to biodynamic Greek olive oils and a great big wall of Moon Juice Shop goods, so you can get your sex dust to go.

ALCHEMIST'S KITCHEN |  Grab a superlative beauty or holy body elixir while you browse and shop herbal remedies, tinctures and plant-based goods. Snag a spot at one of their in-house events (January is Women's Wellness month and the lineup looks incredible). Then, book an infrared sauna session downstairs at Higher Dose to assist the body's natural detoxification process and escape the frigid cold. 

ANTIDOTE | Apothecary + tea bar containing herbal remedies for the wild at heart. The owner, Elizabeth, is a wonderful human being and can whip up a loving tincture for whatever currently ails you. You can also catch some of their events + workshops, from full moon ceremonies to learning how to brew your own kombucha. 

CAP BEAUTY | For all (and I do mean all) of your skincare and apothecary needs, plus the most indulgent facial treatments of your life. It's one of the few spots in the city that houses Sun Potion, so you can get your reishi and tocos and he shou wu. If you leave with just one thing, let it be The Coconut Butter

DR. COW | Nut milks, nut cheeses, nut butters. Environmentally conscious, feel-good food that goes above and beyond. This place is a little gem, and just a few blocks away from the Williamsburg Whole Foods, so you can scoop up some reishi infused cashew cheese and a seasonal hot nut milk (or raw donut) before you bee line it to grab your groceries.

HELP YOURSELF | A cozy, sun-drenched spot offering a consciously curated selection of products, tools and supplies for wellbeing (to help you help yourself, get it?). The classroom is home to workshops and events for healing, transformation and connection to the self and nature. 

HOMECOMING | Get your plant fix and coffee fix all in one place. Incense, succulents, astral soap, fancy handmade mugs, candles and the famous Torso Bath Mat.

LITTLE CHOC APOTHECARY | For amazing vegan crepes, both sweet and savory. The seating upstairs is bright and cozy, across from an apothecary wall if you so choose to order up a custom blend for your ailments and needs. Order a golden milk latte, add cashew cheese and coconut bacon to any savory crepe and grab a b12 truffle on your way out. Maybe a PB&J acai bowl with coconut yogurt, too. 

LITTLENECK | The sage & eggs on ciabatta is enough to make you fall back in love with breakfast sandwiches. Take a delicious yoga class at New Love City and then walk the block here for a sunny corner spot and sip on their selection of Pilot Kombucha blends (like turmeric aloe, apple cider chai and celery juniper).

MAHA ROSE | A center for healing offering workshops and holistic healing sessions from acupuncture and reiki to astrology and tarot card reading. 

THE MARQUET | A beautiful space with beautiful things. It sits right inside Simple Cafe & Restaurant and almost all of the makers across each category are women, including one of my absolute favorites, H Is For Love

THE MEADOW | Gourmet nook in the West Village. Lavender sea salt, salt block cuties and the great wall of artisanal chocolates.

SUN IN BLOOM | Food with love. And then some more love. Piled-high kale salads (get the Bella Divine), in-house kimchi, sunrise scrambles, earth cups, macro bowls and a selection of amazing vegan desserts. They have a cozy spot down in Tribeca, but the restaurant in Park Slope is where you'll want to park for a quiet lunch or weekend brunch.