Clean Beauty Indulgences

  Photo courtesy: H Is For Love

Photo courtesy: H Is For Love

Your skin is your largest living organ and the sixth organ of elimination, responsible for rinsing out internal toxins. For so long, we have been misinformed and misguided by which skincare products are "good" for us based on marketing claims and false advertising. Not to mention that our government has allowed for harmful, toxic ingredients to sit on store shelves by the masses for our consumption. However, we're now slowly learning and educating ourselves and each other about the repercussions of using these chemical-laden products over an extended period of time. Hormonal and endocrine disruption, disease and even cancer.

It's not our fault. We just haven't been properly educated and grabbed whatever looked good or was fed to us by the online and magazine ads. But it's a part of my mission to not only be transparent, but to further educate, inspire and share with all of you what I have found to be better alternatives towards living a more conscious, holistic lifestyle.

Food and proper nourishment is the gateway drug, and skincare and proper self-care is the second runner up. As you seep yourself into this lifestyle, the price tag does go up, but you'll find that less is more, and the items last you much longer. I've been able to nix a TON of skincare and hygiene products and resort to only a handful of products that get the job done well. As cliche as it sounds, it truly is an investment for your health. 

I've curated this list to highlight some of my swear-by products that contain clean ingredients for better living + peace of mind. Think of them as little indulgences to slowly experiment with and adopt into your daily routine based on your personal needs and preferences. I am fortunate to know a handful of these makers, and can promise that they are ethically sourced, high quality, all natural and made with love, and lots of it. From lips to face to eyes to body (and even your insides), INDULGE head-to-toe with these uniquely exceptional skincare gems.

  Photo courtesy: H Is For Love

Photo courtesy: H Is For Love


Balm & Co Matcha Mint Lip Salve | The healing power of chlorophyll infused matcha paired with Japanese peppermint rejuvenates delicate skin cells while soothing + healing dry, chapped lips. Glide it on for a gentle tingling effect that pairs equally well with your morning matcha fix

H Is For Love Lip Glac√© | This beautiful rose-colored gloss contains a tint derived from berries, roots and flowers. Combined with highly regenerative sea buckthorn + virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, it creates a sultry, glossy effect when warmed by the lips. 

Malaya Lavender Organic Lip Savior | A saving grace for harsh winters, keep this little stick of gold in your wallet or jacket pocket at all times. This lip moisturizer contains a unique blend of botanical ingredients that nourish, calm, and regenerate sensitive, dry lips. With both lavender + peppermint oils, it's equally calming and uplifting. 

  Photo courtesy: Maven Made

Photo courtesy: Maven Made


Maven Made Facial Serum | The serum that had me at hello. This all-natural blend contains elements that help brighten your complexion, combat acne and aging for smoother skin, even skin tone, faded scars and a reduction in fine lines. Complete indulgence for your face, including essential oils of lavender, carrot seed, german chamomile, geranium, evening primrose, apricot kernel + jojoba. 

H Is For Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist | Because the pH of most tap water is more alkaline than the natural pH of facial skin, it's important to re-introduce balance after cleansing, making this potent mist a necessity for any skincare regimen. Made with rose hydrosol, aloe, witch hazel and essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang and geranium, POLLEN provides re-balancing, anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits. 

H Is For Love PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask | A miracle in a jar. This clay-based mask is full of rare and precious ingredients that stimulate cell renewal and rid the skin of impurities, leaving your face smooth and radiant. Includes skin-brightening white turmeric to encourage blood flow to the surface of the skin and the antioxidant-rich superfoods raw cacao and vanilla bean. Use PROPOLIS as a weekly indulgence and enjoy spa night in the comfort of your own home. 

  Photo courtesy: Honest Hazel

Photo courtesy: Honest Hazel


Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm | A multitasking miracle balm specially designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Mango seed butter dramatically diminishes dark circles, while calendula oil, beeswax, and lavender oil increase skin's elasticity. In the morning, layer lightly underneath concealer and reapply at night with a facial serum to wake up to a bright-eyed, naturally beautiful and radiant version of yourself. 

Honest Hazel Eye Gels | Your tired eyes will love these under-eye treatment gels. Cactus collagen increases skin elasticity, improves circulation and reduces puffiness while soothing aloe vera and vitamins C + E smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Safe enough to wear during the night while you sleep and especially soothing after a long flight to rehydrate. 


  Photo courtesy: Aesop

Photo courtesy: Aesop


Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub | Slough it all off with this invigorating + stimulating gel-based exfoliant. Infused with a blend of pumice and bamboo stem that gently removes dead skin cells paired with botanical oils to purify and calm. Skin is guaranteed to feel polished, exfoliated and baby skin soft. 

Red Flower Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub | I was introduced to this brand in Costa Rica and very quickly fell in love. My skin did, too. Arabic coffee, black olives, sugar, and fresh lemon rind combine to invigorate the circulatory system and encourage cellular turnover. Coffee decreases the formation of cellulite and tightens and shrinks the blood vessels, helping to reduce the appearance of varicose veins. Rich black olive oil is high in complex fatty acids that deeply nourish, combined with the abundance of fresh citrus fruit to stimulate and recharge the body.

Epsom Salt Float Therapy | I'm new to this therapeutic technique, but it certainly does more for the body than simply soften and nourish the skin. The health benefits of float therapy are endless, but the way that your skin feels immediately after and even the next day is a feeling similar to sliding into fresh silky sheets, with a good night's sleep to boot. Find a spa near you that offers this service and book immediately. 

  Photo courtesy: Eli Keaton

Photo courtesy: Eli Keaton


Moon Juice is my favorite online plant-based pantry to browse + shop for beneficial and high vibrational products to support my skincare routine from the inside out. Here are a few of my tried and true essentials:

Probiotics | Feed your gut well and all will be well. Take these potent probiotics daily for smoother digestion, increased energy, elevated mood, glowing skin, stronger immunity and potent liver cleansing. 

Ho Shou Wu | This herb tonic has been used for centuries to enhance youthfulness, reproductive function and sex drive. Its potent effects stimulate and balance hormones, improve adrenal gland function and nourish skin, hair and internal organs for a natural glow.

Schisandra Berry | Tonifies and heals all organs and is legendary for increasing sexual function, bringing suppleness to the skin and shine to the hair. Due to the astringent quality of schisandra, the skin tends to hold its moisture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and imparting upon it a youthful glow.

Tocotrienols | "Tocos" for short, this luxurious and creamy powder contains a bio-available source of Vitamin E, which is known for its tissue regenerating, inflammation taming, immunity, muscle boosting and toxin removing benefits. Try it in your next morning latte for an indulgent drink that is said to taste like vanilla ice cream. 

And finally, I have not tried these, but I see + hear good things about them:

Karuna Sheet Masks | I was a skeptic until I impulse purchased one before a long flight and woke up with skin as soft and as hydrated as can be. These things WORK and the paraben-free, dye-free sheet masks by Karuna seem to do the trick for whatever it is that you're looking for: clarifying, exfoliating, hydrating, skin brightening and so forth. 

Nucifera The Balm | An all-over moisturizer that: evens and illuminates skin tone, is a dirt and makeup remover, reduces inflammation, boosts collagen, increases skin elasticity, improves acne conditions, reduces wrinkles, improves dry skin problems, natural anti-bacterial and SPF properties. boom boom boom. 

Bee Panacea | Discovered this past week in LA, this is beauty food in one little jar. It combines all the components of organic bee products (raw honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly) as well as twenty thoughtfully chosen organic and wildcrafted superfoods and herbs. It's the queen bee of stocking stuffers this holiday season, in my opinion. 

You can browse + snag most of these and more over in the SHOP! And as always, feel free to share your questions, comments or personal picks in the comments below. 

With love + your wellness in mind. xx