We Are The Catalysts For Change

  Photo courtesy: Laura Berger

Photo courtesy: Laura Berger

Now matter where you stand, we know this to be true. That we all have work to do.

This, we have always known. But now, it is more clear than ever. Now is where we dig deep, where we peel back the layers and years of grief, disappointment, shame, suffering and defeat. For way too long, we have felt where the cords have been plucked deep down in our bones. And there, it has remained stagnant and driven us away from our power. We have been scared to speak up, ask for what we deserve, and step into our power.

The years of silence have been suffering. But no more of that. No more suffering silently or depending on others to take care of us or fearing what we are truly capable of. We must take care of ourselves, speak our truths and find a higher purpose in our work and our lives. That is how we create positive change, and it begins with me and you. 

By nature, I am a cancer to my absolute core. Protective, sensitive, shy. Letting my words be soft, often even muffled. That has shaped me into who I am, and I have chosen acceptance over judgement. But as my purpose continues to evolve, so too, have I. That muffled voice is becoming a louder, stronger, more confident voice. In teaching and in writing especially, the purpose of my voice is to spark a sense of empowerment and promote conscious, positive, loving change. For myself as well as others with an open-minded, like-minded approach.

But I cannot do this alone. Change requires the power and strength of a collective community, where we raise our voices and take action rather than sitting in silence. As BrenĂ© Brown explains, it takes deep courage and vulnerability to crack ourselves open to the world and vocalize what it is that shakes us to our core and sparks the fire in our hearts. 

We are stronger when we work together.

Yes, We.

We are the catalysts for positive change. 

We are the healers, the teachers, the activists. 

We are for progression, not regression.

We embody diversity and believe in human rights for all. 

We are sensitive, fierce, determined and alive. 

We see through the silver lining and act rather than react.

We choose love over fear. 

Mindful over mindless. 

We surround ourselves with those that support us, not degrade or doubt us.

We actively seek out opportunities to share our passions and our gifts with others.

We start by starting, and then we keep going. 

When we're not getting what we need or deserve, we ask for it or go find it somewhere else. 

And when we need help, we ask for that, too. 

Start doing less of what drains and depletes you.

Do more of what aligns with your purpose and is a catalyst for positive change.

Dig deep, you'll find it's in there. 

It always has been. 

And it always starts with you.

Allison WaltonComment