Summer Breeze Beach Essentials

  Photo courtesy of Sackcloth and Ashes

Photo courtesy of Sackcloth and Ashes

Ahhh, vacation. Just the thought of sand between my toes, freckles on my face, warmth on my back and endless nights filled with laughing and well fed bellies in the company of family and friends is enough to instantly put me at ease. The good 'ole dog days of summer certainly are not over, in fact they're only just beginning. 

I always find excitement in both shopping and packing for the beach - finding it easy to snuggle in some light layers of maxi dresses and flowy tops amidst all of the fun products that I like to indulge in during my trips - like face masks, body scrubs and other self-care items that I may otherwise not make as much time for. It certainly makes my family  giggle when I walk out in my PJs and clay mask on my face before or after a day in the sun. 

So, besides my favorite exfoliant face mask and making sure that the fridge at the beach was fully stocked with ripe avocados for fresh guacamole and fish tacos, what essential items would I ensure are in my travel bag? SPF, aloe mist, an extra large beach blanket, good-smelling body scrub, fancy foot buffers, slip-on sandals, a sun hat and the coziest PJs, just to name a few.

Anthropologie essentially has become my one-stop shop for nearly all "essentials" in life, but when I started digging around for things I'd tote along for a beach day, I didn't need to stray far. I've highlighted some of my top picks below to keep you covered from head to toe. Up next shall be the Summer Breeze Beach Menu, where avocados will likely continue to make their debut...

Like any good beach day, SPF deserves attention, especially on our faces. However, it's hard to find a face-specific sunscreen that doesn't feel like it's clogging our pores. Mayron's Good Sun Stuff is safe, simple and effective - made with natural ingredients that include beeswax, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter and vitamin E.

And for those hopefully minor burns that you get while you're soaking up some rays, make sure that you have something handy that will soothe and cool your skin. Hampton Sun Aloe Mist is infused with aloe leaf juice and can be misted all over your body without that gunky, sticky feeling that traditional aloe vera lotions leave behind.

A proper beach blanket is essential and I have fallen in love with Sackcloth and Ashes' southwest-inspired  "Socality" line. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they're so versatile for beach days - for lounging, naps, picnics and cozying up in at night for star-gazing and heart-to-heart chats with friends or loved ones. Also, around fire pits with s'mores.

For sloughing off dead skin and giving yourself a bit of self-care in the shower after a day in the sun, keep this Barr-Co Clay Scrub handy. Kaolin clay exfoliates and softens skin while scents of oatmeal and vanilla keep you smelling light and fresh.

And while walking barefoot in the sand is one of the best pedicures that you can give yourself, you may as well pamper yourself with a real pedicure. Spongelle's Pedi Buffer blends botanical extracts and an exfoliating buffer to cleanse and soften feet. It comes in two amazing scents - Madarin Mint and Beach Grass, for whichever kind of experience you fancy. 

To complement that nice, golden tan of yours, ditch the fancy shoes and wedges and stay comfortable in these gorgeous Barulina Slides. You can rock a casual look by pairing with a flowy white cover up or dress them up a little with a maxi dress. 

And if shielding your face or hiding out from a little too much sun is in your deck of cards, always have a sun hat with you. Personally, I've had my eye on this Meadowsweet Sun Hat that could easily be worn on and off the beach. You wouldn't want to hide that beautiful face of yours, but if a hat like this makes you feel a bit glamorous for a day, then go for it. 

In my mind, avoiding "tight" clothing during breezy vacations is in your best interest, especially if you get too much sun. Light, flowy layers that work with the summer breeze are the best option, especially when it comes to your evening slumber. If this is your mindset as well, then these Calandra Sleep Pants are definitely calling your name. You can toss them on after your exfoliation session in the shower and still enjoy your glass of wine in them on the back porch. Who said that lounging around in pajamas (especially ones as beautiful as these) is against the rules during vacation? Not I. 

For a gal like me that's a little more of the slouchy t-shirt and comfy shorts (or no shorts!), this Dockside Set is a nice transition. I don't like feeling tied up and twisted in long lounge pants, so these would suit well and are still appropriate enough to laze around in first thing in the morning when everyone else is rising and shining. 

Cheers to easy breezy beach days ahead (and kudos to you if you've already taken one). We all deserve our moments to relax, indulge and drink a bottle of wine in our PJs.

Beach well,


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