Faces of Beauty: Sarah Anne Stewart & Fern Olivia Langham of Bliss Out Wellness

Where do I begin with these two beauties? I am beyond honored and excited to feature Sarah Anne Stewart and Fern Olivia Langham of Bliss Out Wellness as a part of my ongoing Faces of Beauty series, celebrating the natural beauty that exists within all of us.

I had the pleasure of getting to know these ladies during their retreat in Rincon, Puerto Rico this past winter. This luxurious, immersive, love-drenched, detoxing experience left me with a full heart and lasting friendships that I will forever hold near and dear to my heart. They share a like-minded, holistic approach to wellness just as I do and continue to inspire me with how much they're contributing to making this world, and our lives, that much better.

Beauty is certainly more than just skin deep, and what we put into our bodies as well as what we put on it is so, so important. In a perfect world, we would all trade processed foods for wholesome, organic foods and nix the harmful, chemical-laden "beauty" products for natural products and oils that allow us to radiate and glow from the inside out. And there are no two ladies that exhibit a more naturally beautiful lifestyle than these two! You can't help but to pick up on their very contagious energy when you're around them. Yes, they do have gorgeous smiles, but they also carry a very grounded, positive outlook on life and spend it by helping others navigate their way towards health, abundance - and above all, the best gift that we can give to ourselves. Self love.

I invite you to take a cue from their luxurious, self-loving healthy habits that keep them beaming with natural beauty. I promise that you'll leave here wanting to flock home to draw yourself a warm bath, create a deliciously indulgent meal (and by indulgent, I mean full of nutrient-dense foods) and create some of your very own self-care rituals that allow you to spend time taking care of the most important person in your life: YOU. 

Sarah Anne Stewart 

Day to day:

My day consists of working with weight loss clients and mentorship clients in person in New York City and also internationally via Skype. Part of my day consists of writing for various online publications and working on my first book. Also, part of the day is spent working on upcoming events, workshops, retreats and partnerships! My days are packed tight, but I always make sure to squeeze in self-care rituals such as yoga or the gym to balance my busy schedule. 

Natural beauty mantra:

“To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” -Ellen Degeneres

Natural beauty weapon of choice:

All things Pangea. I am 100% confident that their completely organic line of products will be kind to my skin and let it’s natural radiance shine through. I have also recently fallen in love with Pursoma to detoxify my body from the modern stresses of technology. This is especially important living amongst the lights and computers filling New York City.

Favorite personal feature:


How are you protecting your skin in general?

As a health coach and retreat guide, I am constantly moving and traveling, which can take quite a toll on my skin and body, in general. I try to stay up-to-date on the latest health trends, but there are a few tried-and-true beauty routines that have become like a ritual to me. Detoxing often, practicing yoga and meditation, getting plenty of rest, staying active by hiking, and eating whole foods foods are all simple yet powerful ways of keeping your skin glowing!

I often carve out an entire day to rest and “reset my body” without any electronics or outside distractions. We often think that we can ‘fix’ the skin on the surface but really glowing skin comes from the inside out. So I start the morning in a quiet space surrounded by living plants. I sip a mug of herbal ginger tea, light a sage candle, and sit for breathing exercises (pranayama) while listening to some beautiful sounds. I follow this by meditating, and then allow myself to fully relax in supportive restorative yoga poses using props and blankets. After meditating and yoga, I take some time to journal any thoughts and feelings that I may have experienced.

In the afternoon, I take a hot bath with essential oils, sea salt, and ginger to detox my body and sweat out any harmful chemicals that have built up throughout the week. If I have an entire day to commit to detoxing, I will do the Pursoma detox routine. 

Allowing the digestive system to rest and detoxify is also an important part of my natural healing process, so I end the night by enjoying a light meal of real, whole, organic foods.

Sarah Anne brings her down-to-earth ‘wellness’ wisdom all the way from the Midwest. When her father cured cancer with alternative medicine, the experience sparked a light inside of her that was never put out. Twelve years and hundreds of hours of training later, Sarah is now based in NYC, where she founded Holistically Slim and co-founded Bliss Out Wellness. As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP), her weight-loss coaching is focused on developing a unique mindset that embodies a lifestyle that is focused entirely on “wellness.” Her contagious smile and graceful demeanor are central to her one-on-one coaching, events, workshops, speeches and retreats. Her unparalleled zest for life and free spirit are further exemplified through her love for worldly travels, culinary adventures and inspirational writing.

  Photo credit: Chris LaPointe Photography for   Sacred Space NY

Photo credit: Chris LaPointe Photography for Sacred Space NY

Fern Olivia Langham

Day to day: 

As an entrepreneur, the typical 9-5 is not in my repertoire. I find myself often working late nights and weekends (loving every second!) and make sure to fill in free time with nourishing experiences. Here are the top three activities that take up most of my time:

1. Yoga instructor - I teach a unique blend of kundalini yoga, bhakti yoga, vinyasa yoga, meditation, and pranayama in NYC and LA. I created a unique yoga, meditation and self-care program for women with thyroid and adrenal conditions, and I love empowering my clients to heal naturally and discover the radiant vitality that is their birthright. I also lead special events for community and non-profit and organizations that resonate with my mission, including The Just Breathe Foundation for Veterans, Africa Yoga Project, Allyson Whitney Foundation, and The Shine Movement in LA. When I am lucky, my "9-5" is on the beach in Puerto Rico, Malibu, or Bali, blissing out and teaching yoga retreats

2. Entrepreneur. Together with Sarah Anne Stewart, we created Bliss Out Wellness, offering lifestyle and career mentorships where we empower other teachers and healers to have lucrative and soul-serving careers. We are so excited to inspire and guide so many brilliant leaders to create soul-serving, lucrative careers as healers, teachers, and traveling entrepreneurs!

3. Taking care of myself. As a healer, it is naturally my mission to take care of the world around me. I have learned the hard way that when I put everyone else first and forget about my own needs, I do not have the full capacity to live my dharma - my soul's purpose - to show up fully as a light worker. I have made it not only a luxury, but a non-negotiable ritual to meditate several times daily for grounding and cleansing energy picked up from my environment, practice yoga and take time to be a student of the work I choose to provide, and travel for pleasure so I can marinate and soak in the richness of life! From this place of abundance, I am able to provide more to my students and my business. For this reason, self-care is definitely part of my "job" - but in the most pleasurable of ways! 

Natural beauty mantra:

I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am blissful. 

This reminds me that I am whole and filled with light. Sometimes I forget in the midst of being so busy. When I remember this and feel it deep within my soul, I am immediately at ease and can flow through the day with confidence and grace. 

Natural beauty weapon of choice:

Coconut oil. I use it everywhere. Especially in the sun!

Favorite personal feature:

My smile. I love life, and it shows! 

How do your nourish your body and skin from within? 

I nourish my body by feeding it whole, organic healing foods, surrounding myself with authentic people who support me and inspire me, and treating myself with respect. By being kind and true to myself, I radiate light from within! 

Fern Olivia Langham is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor, holistic health practitioner and co-founder of Bliss Out Wellness, who has integrated her creative, spiritual, and healing paths to design a wellness experience that is uniquely yours.

Fern discovered yoga over seven years ago as a sanctuary to heal from a stressful work environment, Hashimoto’s hypothyroid autoimmune condition, and adrenal burnout. Thoughtfully combining her studies of Yoga under the guidance of her mentor Elena Brower at Katonah Yoga, Biomedical Engineering at Syracuse University and Holistic Health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Fern has made it her mission to educate and empower everyone around her to slow down, find peace within, and awaken their own inner healer. Fern’s practice weaves a blend of vinyasa, restorative, and kundalini yoga, with emphasis on the mind-body connection and releasing stress built up in the organs and glandular system. Fern has empowered dozens of women to heal from thyroid and adrenal conditions and live a nourished live of vibrancy and sustained well-being. Learn more about Fern here and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.


How do you nourish your body and skin from within? Are there any particular self-care rituals that you currently practice or aspire to practice to bring more abundance into your life? Share in the comments below!

Be well,


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