Monday Musings: Love What Is

Some people think quotes are cheesy. Overrated. Silly. You likely stumble across them all the time, whether it's in the form of graffiti, art, song lyrics, or a post/caption shared on social media (re: Instagram). You either choose to simply ignore them, or sit with them for a while because at that moment, those words may completely resonate with you. It may just be dependent upon the current state of your mind, life, day, or that one single moment in time. 

It's just that often times, what others say can seem to take the words right out of your mouth.  I receive my "daily doses of inspiration," if you will, from my mentor, Jennifer Kass, because it's what I enjoy and what sets the tone for my day. It may not be for everyone, I get that, but it suits me. These moments and bits of inspiration can find you at any moment, but there are times where you may feel compelled to "pass it on." For example, I sometimes tag others in posts that may remind me of that person/those individuals or if I think that they would find meaning or relevance in it. 

That said, I'll preface this by saying that I'm not quite sure if these posts are something that I'll share on a weekly basis, but we shall see. I'm finding a lot of these inspirational bits lately, so I do have plenty to pass along....

I'll kick it off this week with inspiration that I read just before falling asleep last night from Stephanie Birch. Scroll down, and follow her along here for more. And by the way, I love the "title" that she gives herself: Playful mom, yoga teacher, life photographer, coffee sipper, hobby writer, art lover, soul shaker. No pants = best pants.

 Photo courtesy of Stephanie Birch

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Birch

Choose happiness, they say. Choose joy, the say. Choose peace, they say. You have a choice. Yes, we hear and say this. 
I think it's impossible to override such thoughts or feelings that are not representative of the moment or experience. This results in bottling carbonated shit and it is bound to explode. So long I lived life behind fake smiles and pretended the "hi, how are yous" and said "yes" when I meant no. All these truths are a continuous practice in my own life. When I'm asked about my day, I gulp and courage a real answer. Some days I'm a really crappy parent, partner, and friend. Some days are shitty, and that's life. Some days I have the angriest yoga practices, not because I hate the world but because my physical body needs to work through my anger or sadness or the war I've created within. It is not until I've worked through my sadness, frustrations, faults, and harbored anger that I can choose joy, peace, and happiness. Love is having it all, feeling it all, the incredibly hard and painful as much as the soft and fluffy stuff. No one can tell us how to live or change or Be, it's up to ourselves to live our life and be in the moment. We do a disservice to ourselves by not feeling or pretending to be anything but ourselves and/or the moment. Some days the challenge is not to fake the funk but be in the funk until it passes, loving what is.


Happy Monday & be well,

xo Allison

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