Fall Face of Beauty: Maria Saab

Awhile back, I had this idea to start celebrating Faces of Beauty, highlighting all of the special, unique and oh-so-wonderful features, imperfections and all, that distinguish us from all others. It's about feeling comfortable in our own skin, belittling the things that we may not love and enhancing those that we do. Perhaps it's your gorgeous eyes, canvas of freckles, plump lips, chiseled cheekbones, perfect teeth, glowing skin or a combination of these things. 

With proper nutrition and a skincare routine that incorporates natural products, we're feeding our skin all the right ingredients that are essential to achieving happy, beautiful skin. Nourish yourself from the inside out and with time, you'll reap the benefits and notice positive changes taking place that enhance the beauty that you already possess.

As we shift to a seasonal change and welcome fall with open arms, it's a time to revisit our beauty routine and personal health habits to see what we can be doing either more or less of to find happiness in our own skin.

There will be plenty more to come on this, but in light of all this beauty and wellness talk, I present to you Maria Saab, today's Fall Face of Beauty. You may recognize her from the amazing feature that she did previously, A Lebanese Palate. If you haven't checked it out, please do so.

I have watched Maria go about her beauty routine on several various occasions, and I must say that I truly admire it (and her). She knows what works best for her and sticks to it very strictly. 


Attorney by trade, but most recently working as a Research Fellow at a public policy think tank, where I focus predominantly on female political empowerment issues in the Middle East.

Natural beauty weapon of choice

Coconut oil. Talk about a multi-functional product! I use coconut oil in so many different ways. I love to put a tablespoon in smoothies for a dose of healthy fats and metabolism promotion, for oil pulling (you know, that thing where you put it in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes or so), as a hair mask or conditioning treatment (try running it through your hair before a hot yoga class - the heat helps to provide a deep conditioning treatment), and as a daily moisturizer. 

Tip: opt for virgin, unrefined coconut oils like this one. Find several other brands at local health shops or the nearest Whole Foods Market. 

Favorite personal feature 

My eyes and eyebrows! 

How are you protecting those beautiful eyes & eyebrows of yours, and your skin in general?

You know how they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyebrows are the curtains? Well...I think that's silly, but my eyes and eyebrows are two very related features that I love to play up. I have always liked to experiment with eye make-up, trying different eyeliners and eyeshadows with varying intensities. One way I protect my eyes is by making sure that I properly remove my make-up at the end of the day. I use coconut oil to get those stubborn last bits of gel liner or mascara that seem to linger for days. 

I will say that I am blessed and cursed with thick, hairy eyebrows. To keep my unibrow at bay, I visit Bindu (my favorite Nepali eyebrow threading expert in the D.C. area) at least twice a month to keep my eyebrows shaped and looking clean. Nothing is worse than overgrown brows or over plucked brows. It makes the biggest difference when your eyebrows are nicely shaped and suited to your face.

As for my skin, I try to stay well hydrated and use a gentle skin cleanser like the cult-favorite Cetaphil. Using under eye cream has been a big part of my skin routine. As I make my way through my late twenties, I am trying to develop good skincare habits that will hopefully pay off in the long run. Lately, I've been obsessed with Tata Harper's Restorative Eye Creme. It's a pretty penny, but one thing I like is that it is super hydrating, smells great, and really helps with those pesky dark under-eye circles. I've also made an effort to transition my beauty cabinet to 100% all natural beauty products, and Tata Harper's commitment to using potent and effective botanical ingredients derived from sustainable agricultural methods fits the bill! 

Maria, you rock. I hope you all leave with a few tips and tricks form this lady and find at least one thing about yourself to celebrate today and every day moving forward. 

From one face of beauty to another...be well.

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