Faces of Beauty: May Edition

Faces of Beauty. We pass them every single day - young and old, brown eyes and blue eyes, freckles, enhanced with makeup or au naturale. Or the occasional run-in with Beyonce, when you're inches away from her trying to form words for what you'll say to her but all you can do is awkwardly smile in complete adoration of her radiant beauty. In all seriousness, there is something remarkable that grabs our attention and seems to set them apart from the rest. It's evident that these women take care of themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin, whatever form that takes.

Rather than belittle our own imperfections (which is sometimes all too easy to do), it's important to take note of the unique features that we (and others) love about ourselves and enhance that. So maybe I have a few breakouts that pop up here and there, but my doe-like blue/green eyes and long lashes are something that won't change and something I am very appreciative that I have and inherited.  And the magic brush of that mascara wand really makes them pop. Thank you for the boost, BuxomMy summer freckles, my "constellation" as I like to refer to them, are my daily reminder that it is indeed summer, the weather is beautiful, and that I hardly have to wear any makeup. It's also my reminder that I need to continue to apply sunscreen if I want to hold on to my youth as long as I can. 

With environmental factors such as free radicals, pollution, strong rays from the sun and many other elements beyond our control, our skin takes quite a toll on a daily basis. The importance of using natural skin care products and developing gentle and effective routines allow for us to overcome this damage, slowly but surely. Also just as important, as the clever Anne Cayer explains below, is the mindset of "inside out." If you fuel your body with the proper nutrition / habits and use products that are safe and contain ingredients that you can actually pronounce (because excuse me, but what the heck is formaldehyde?), you will be rewarded. It's quite a noticeable difference, actually.

Each month, I'll be showcasing some brave and beautiful souls that have peeled back a personal layer of themselves to share with you all - everything from their natural beauty weapons of choice to their favorite personal features and what they're doing to protect them. 

Personal beauty is certainly a worthy thing to celebrate and it's quite contagious, too. Read on & be inspired.


Aisling McDonagh

Day-to-Day: Sales & Marketing, Hearst Digital (New York, NY)

Natural beauty weapon of choice: Almond oil. After showering, I pour almond oil all over my body to moisturize it, using the left over oil on my hands to pat my face (no smearing the delicate facial skin!). Then, I use a towel to lightly pat my skin dry. Best moisturizer and only one ingredient: almonds!

Favorite personal feature: My big green/blue eyes. Depending upon what I'm wearing, they either look very blue or very green!

How are you protecting your eyes/delicate skin? RELIGIOUSLY! I not only wear a daily sunscreen on my face, but also massive UVA/UVB sunglasses as well. And when I'm in the sun, I use SkinCeuticals transparent zinc oxide SPF 45. Nothing gets through zinc oxide...the key here is that it's transparent...because I'm too vain to wear the normal white zinc all over my face on the beach (or on surf board), so I was pleased when I found this a few years ago. It's truly amazing. A few other companies have since come out with their own versions of transparent zinc, but I prefer SkinCeuticals as it's made by dermatologists and doesn't clog the skin and has other beneficial ingredients in it. 


Cabell Johnson

Day-to-Day: Production & Design, Rebecca Rose Events (Winston Salem, NC)

Natural beauty weapon of choice: Bioelements Measured Micrograins gentle facial scrub

I also love Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour. I never leave the house without it! I never really liked lipstick because I thought it felt too dry, so I started wearing this and loved them because they look like lipstick but contain moisture and come in all shades, from nude to hot pink or bright red (for a bold look).  


Favorite personal feature: My skin, when it's not acting up!

How are you protecting it?  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! As a teen, all we wanted to do was to be tan by going to the tanning bed or using tanning oil at the beach, but now I have come to realize how important it is to protect your skin, especially as you get older.



Anne Hearts Dinos.jpg

Anne Cayer 

Day-to-Day: Public Relations, en français (Toronto, CA)

Natural beauty weapon of choice: Almond oil

Favorite personal feature: Shoulders/Collarbone 

How are you protecting that shoulders/collarbone area? I'm an inside-and-out kind of girl, so protection has a few facets. From the outside, it's moisture, moisture, moisture. Grape Seed Oil and I have had a love thing going on for months, but Almond Oil makes special appearance when the occasion calls for a bit more shimmer. From the inside, it's all about staying strong. Weekly kettlebell classes, morning push-ups and seemingly endless loads of groceries all help to keep things toned.  

P.S. Anne loves dinos. And in turn, we love her. 



Marlee Newman.jpg


Marlee Newman

Day-to-Day: Wanderlust (Recently traveling all over Europe and serving as a Program Coordinator) 

Favorite personal feature: I love my olive skin in the summer. I get a nice, even tan but it's a blessing and a curse! I'm undeniably a sun addict but am trying to avoid becoming that leathery, reptile-looking woman on the beach 20 years from now…

How are you protecting your skin, so you know, it's not reptile and leather looking? I try to load up on sunscreen and not over-do exposure. I've been lucky enough to work at a spa seasonally and get the HOOK UP (really) with fancy skin products. They introduced me to this Magnolia Satin body spray and it’s been my secret weapon ever since. You spray a bit on your legs/arms and it gives a light, natural looking shimmer. It accentuates your tan and smells unbelievable. I treat this stuff like gold. 


If you find that you want to share a little piece of yourself, please do get in touch. As always, the more, the merrier and I welcome all faces of beauty over here at & be well! And psst, pass it on.

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