A Place to Call Home

It's hard to call a place "home" when it's the size of a standard living room in a typical household. Not to kick things off on a downer note, however it's a reality that city dwellers face and must learn to quickly adapt to if we want to continue living somewhat sanely. Many times, we forgo the luxury of laundry in the building, a dishwasher, ample closet space and a kitchen table. In fact, my kitchen table is the rustic (I love that word) wooden coffee table that sits in my "living" room in front of the flat screen that never turns on because I am sans cable [albeit, that's a personal choice].

However, I do enjoy the large windows that provide abundant natural light, hardwood floors that are red wine spill-friendly, and even the perfect spot next to my gas stove that fits my simple human trash can - one side purely for trash and the other for my recyclables. 

The Transformation

I'm not lying when I say that it took nearly a year to finally be able to walk into my apartment one afternoon and let out a big sigh with content that I finally had a space that I loved coming "home" to. It was certainly quite the endeavor and I wanted to make sure that I invested in timeless, quality pieces that I could take with me, wherever I go. Fancying aimless weekend trips browsing for inspiration, over time I was struck with impulse purchase decisions whenever I came across a beauty of a find that I just couldn't pass up. 

Playing With Color

I envisioned a space with a few large natural hued furniture pieces where I could integrate pops of color here and there with various home decor. Greys, yellows, turquoise, and copper seemed to do the trick.  Everything from sphere sculptures and terrariums to candles, vases and even a dedicated wall space in my bedroom for hanging my colorful statement pieces - a tiny corner where I can play, if you will. Special guest appearances made by lovely flower bouquets and succulents are always uplifting as well.

The result is a mood that's warm, cozy, bright and inviting. Feng shui, you see. A space that contrasts the sometimes harsh, dull weather and natural city chaos that occurs outside of my front door.

Hide & Seek

Another way that I brought a festive vibe to my space was by stocking my cupboards (do people still use that word?) with playful plates, mugs, wine glasses, bowls and decorative dish towels. They remain hidden and unseen for the most part until I find a good reason to break them out and showcase them for more special occasions, such as my recent spring tapas dinner gathering. And when I saw that dynamic duo of a Merman and Mermaid, it was a fancy match made in kitchen heaven. 

Making Room For More

Of course with any seasonal change, there's the motivation to continue to draw inspiration from shelves lined with both amazing and clever decor items that can bring a new sense of satisfaction to your space.  Perhaps you want to display your current reading materials with bookends that remind and entice you to choose a book and read as a way to wind down before bed. Or, maybe you want a home for your homemade treats to quickly grab from and satisfy that nagging sweet tooth. The evidence is hidden in the cactus shaped jar.

As opposed to pouring your almond milk into your coffee from a carton, there are even elephant creamers to take care of that job. Maybe too fancy for you on your own, but a cute idea for a spring brunch gathering, no? Explore some options below, because there's certainly a whole lot more where those came from.

With spring shyly still trying to show its face, use this time to bring the vibrant energy indoors and create a gem of a space that sits well with your own internal feng shui. A task well worth the time, I promise.

Allison Walton3 Comments