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It's hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest in the wellness world. There's so much content across so many platforms that it's enough to induce a bit of ADD. I'm a tab fiend and it's likely that I'll have nearly 10+ tabs open in my browser at one time, predominantly full of other food blogs as well as recipe inspiration.

With that in mind, I'll start sharing a bit of link love on a weekly basis. Interesting, quirky, fun and informative bits from the internets that I'll aggregate for you here in my "Live Well" corner. [Update: Moving forward, find all Thursday Link Love posts on the new "Link Love" column]

This week, everything from cooking classes and flower arranging to why you should buy more lemons, host a spring dinner party and drink MORE water. And why it's cool to be a dog these days. 

[Links in bold.]

 Photo courtesy of Haven's Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Haven's Kitchen

NYC Locale

Haven's Kitchen spring cooking classes are sure to lift your spirits after a harsh winter. Lessons in Libations, Seasonal Gluten-Free & Vegan Breakfasts, Tortillas, Tacos & Salsas and Food Styling for the Home, to name a few. Spaces go quickly.

The NYC Bake Sale, in support of No Kid Hungry, is taking place on May 3 at Brooklyn Flea. Bake, volunteer, or simply spread the word.  

For an evening of therapeutic flower arranging, Flower Girl offers classes to learn the techniques for choosing, conditioning and arranging flowers all while enjoying refreshments and snacks. July 8. Terrarium building. Who's with me?

 Photo courtesy of Kitchen to Nirvana

Photo courtesy of Kitchen to Nirvana

Feast Your Eyes  

Chocolate Basil & Banana bonbons. If you're not into basil, then just do without. But what fun would that be? 

Five Ingredient Ginger Beer Margaritas. Sure to make an appearance at your next spring dinner party. 

Vanilla Quinoa Milk. Yet another non-dairy alternative to add to your shelf of almond, coconut, hemp, flax, and rice milks. Also, more options for your morning smoothie.

Spring Superfoods. There's practically a new study found on a new superfood every day. You may already be eating them regularly and not even know it! I like this one because it makes the case for kombucha. 

Host a spring dinner party just so that you can buy some of these beautiful pieces from Food52's Provisions line. 

 Photo courtesy of Tree Hugger

Photo courtesy of Tree Hugger

For Your Beauty Routine

Six ways to use lemons in your beauty routine. From scrubs and toners to hair rinses and sugaring.

Drink. More. Water. And other ways to feed your skin. It's good for you and your complexion.

Why you shouldn't wash your hair [on a daily basis]. Great, because I didn't today...or for a few while in Costa Rica. Long live mermaid locks!

 Photo courtesy of Bocce's Bakery

Photo courtesy of Bocce's Bakery


Almond vs. Peanut. It's a nut butter battle.  

Did you know that come October, San Fran is banning plastic water bottles? Stay hydrated with one of these stellar agua carriers

Enter to win an amazing spa getaway for two in Tucson, Arizona. Chances of winning may be slim, but we can only hope, right? (Also, I love redflower products.)

How cool is it to be a dog these days? They get to feast on all-natural truffle mac & cheese, apple pie, pb&j and Elvis treats. I see an additional companion in my near future. 

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