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Allison Walton

Yoga Instructor & Women's Health Specialist

about allison

Allison is a yoga instructor and women's health specialist that currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. After a seven-ish year stint in advertising that began in New York City, she decided to pursue wellness more seriously after realizing that her emotional and physical wellbeing were taking a hit. So, she kicked that career to the curb and fled to Nosara, Costa Rica, which became her playground for deepening her asana practice.

Following that, she pursued an immersive year's work gaining invaluable knowledge on defining an integrative and holistic approach to health, emphasizing women's menstrual and hormonal health as her main focus. Most recently, she completed her restorative training, which she's blending into her personal teaching style and women's health offerings. She believes that intentional rest is a fundamental necessity for achieving optimal balance and restoring the body on a deeply cellular level. After struggling with severe hormone-related health issues over recent years, her healing journey has awakened her to a more conscious lifestyle, further solidifying the intention and purpose of her work in helping other women find balance and relief. 

About & be well

& BE WELL inspires a conscious approach towards living well through nourishment and holistic lifestyle practices that support the body's ability to balance and restore. How we eat, breathe, sleep, speak, move, rest & simply choose to be is meant to look and feel different for each one of us. To be well is to feel well in our own bodies, honoring its natural rhythms, ebbs and flows, highs and woes. Our philosophy and approach towards wellbeing is an ever-evolving and brutally rewarding practice that requires a desire to consciously evolve and fine tune based on intuition, self-awareness and self-respect.

The thoughts, words and opinions shared here are always our very own, and maintain the integrity of keeping your wellness in mind.