& be well is a destination encompassing three core wellness pillars: eating, living & doing well. My mission is to encourage & inspire you to live a more conscious and holistic lifestyle, leaving you feeling hungry for deep nourishment and self-indulgence. From the foods that you choose to put in your belly to the products that you put on your skin, it all directly affects your overall health & wellbeing. I strive to always be authentic, honest, educational and transparent. This is a personal playground, so let it be yours, too. 

Allison, the founder and creator of & be well is a certified yoga instructor & holistic health practitioner, seeking specialization in women's health. Her ongoing journey in finding healing after suffering hormonal health issues has woken her up to a more conscious way of living and understands the importance of proper nourishment and self-care. She believes that women have the power to heal themselves from within through holistic lifestyle practices that nourish the mind, body, and spirit. 


Be well.

xx Allison